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Top 7 Reasons Why vTiger is the World’s Leading Open-Source CRM
  • December 20, 2022
  • CRM Masters
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Cloud CRM is a customer relationship management software hosted and held in the cloud. The best thing about cloud CRM is that you can access it from any device and anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection that allows you to download software on-premise. It is one of the most popular and on-demand SaaS in recent times.

Among the many Cloud CRM software doing rounds in the market, vTiger is catching track at a rapid pace. This all-in-one CRM enables you to bring the sales, marketing, and support teams of your organization together with the help of One View-empowered customer data. Using it will help to improve your business relationship with its customers.

Considering the multiple advantages it offers, vTiger is becoming one of the widely embraced open-source CRM software alongside other top-notch brands. Here is why it is gaining traction in the corporate market.

What Makes Vtiger the World’s Leading Open-Source CRM?

Customers are the heart of a business. However, it is often difficult to know about their interest in a particular product. Knowing this is now possible with the help of vTiger CRM, as it enables you to extract unified data about the customers. Here are a few reasons Vtiger is the world’s leading open-source CRM.

vTiger Open Source CRM
vTiger Open Source CRM
  1. Combined Customer View

Suppose you are looking for a perfect solution that helps to mitigate the various departmental silos. In that case, Vtiger is the best solution since it provides a 360-degree customer view, eliminating the need for various teams. This finding makes the data easier since there is no switching here and there.

  1. Better Customer Engagement

The 360-degree viewing nature of the Vtiger CRM plays a major role in enhancing customer engagement. It helps you to check the purchase history, previous interactions, observations, etc., and improve your business strategy accordingly. Your concern for the customers delights them and makes them stay loyal to your brand.

  1. Great Customer Service

Using vTiger CRM, you can easily sort out various customer touchpoints. This assists you to gain important information about customers. Getting to know more about them helps your team to provide the best customer service. Specifically, the vTiger help desk intends to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Not surprisingly, it is empowering more than 300,000 businesses across the globe.

  1. A Big Time Saver

Time is an important factor for any business. The 360-degree vTiger view not only makes customer engagement better, but it also saves time for the business making the working of the business better. You can go through all the customer-related data including cases, deals, events, contacts, and so on, in one place. This in turn sets you free from going through a dedicated screen for every data type, thus saving you time in switching between the screens. As a bonus, you can also end up closing more deals.

  1. Eliminates the Disconnects and Gaps

Using Vtiger CRM makes it possible for you to understand what makes your customer unhappy. Once you know this, you will be able to work on making them happy so that they do not think of switching to another company. This will also help to close the loopholes.

  1. Customer Loyalty

There is no assurance that a customer will stay loyal to a company. Thankfully, vTiger One View helps to analyze a customer to create a delightful experience for them, you could expect your customers to stay longer, which will lead to a significant productivity boost.

  1. Predictive Analytics

vTiger helps to provide actionable insights about the customers with the help of predictive analytics. The feature leverages qualitative insights to get insights into customer data and use it to make well-informed business decisions for enhanced performance. You can further use predictive analysis to find out

  • Machine learning techniques
  • Data-based future outcomes
  • Statistical algorithms

Besides, one common application of predictive analytics for CRM includes market campaign optimization.


Among the race for dominance among countless CRM software, Vtiger holds an upper hand in a range of aspects. It breaks the information silos between various teams, which helps to gain better know-how on customer experience. Summing up, it is just the perfect cloud CRM software for sales, marketing, and customer support activities. to know more about this promising CRM tool, feel free to contact us at CRM-Masters.