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Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based service platform that provides users with access to cloud services enabling them to build, manage, scale, and deploy applications. Azure has cloud solutions to all infrastructure problems by providing services in various domains. It is a platform that enables users to engage in agile cloud computing and is designed for creating and managing apps through Microsoft’s data center.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is highly reliable with high availability and 24/7 tech support. It offers to pay-per-use pricing plan. Azure supports backup and disaster recovery tools.

Here’s a list of the top 7 must-know Azure services:

  1. Virtual Machine: Azure Virtual Machine is one of the wide range of services that Azure offers to create your instance. Every virtual machine comes with its own hardware including CPUs, memory, hard drives, network interfaces, and other devices. Azure Virtual Machine offers the flexibility of virtualization without buying and maintaining the physical hardware that runs it. A virtual machine in Azure comes under compute services and it can be used with other services like Disks, Images, Availability Sets, Hosts, and many more.
  2. Azure Storage: Azure Storage is a service that you can use to store both unstructured and partially structured data. It is massively scalable and elastic as it can store and process hundreds of terabytes of data to support the big data scenarios required by scientific, financial analysis, and media applications. As the demands on your storage application grow, Azure Storage automatically allocates the appropriate resources to meet them. It is pay-per-use based.
  3. Azure DevOps: Azure DevOps allows teams to organize work, collaborate on code development, and build and deliver apps using developer services. Azure DevOps promotes a culture and practices that bring together developers, project managers, and contributors to work on software together. You get an integrated set of services and tools with Azure DevOps to manage your software projects from planning to development to testing and deployment. A client/server model is used to deliver services.

4. Azure Backup: Azure Backup is a cost-effective, simple, and secure backup solution that can meet your and your customers’ expectations. It eliminates unnecessary costs and doesn’t require any infrastructure so you can eliminate infrastructure costs as well as management overhead. Azure Backup is simple and intuitive.

Microsoft Azure Backup
Microsoft Azure Backup

You can easily back-up and restore an entire VM, files, and folders, or even a SQL database. Azure Backup protects your data from ransomware. It can even retain your data for up to two weeks so you can always recover from accidental deletion.

  1. Azure Cosmos DB: Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed database service with turnkey global distribution and transparent multi-master replication. Azure Cosmos DB (database) offers the first globally distributed multi-model database service for building planet-scale apps. It’s been powering Microsoft’s Internet-scale services for years. You can add Azure locations to your database anywhere, at any time, with a single click. Azure Cosmos DB will seamlessly replicate your data and make it highly available. The scaling of throughput and storage both elastically and globally is what it allows, plus you only pay for what you use. Azure Cosmos DB indexes all your data by itself in order for you to perform queries quickly and conveniently.
  2. Azure Logic Apps: With the help of Azure Logic Apps, you can easily automate many of the workflows you have in place without writing a single line of code. You can automatically separate positive and negative tweets about your company, then populate a Power BI Dashboard, improving customer service. You can also automatically approve orders under a certain dollar amount and quickly route bigger orders to the right people for approval and everyone involved gets updated as you go. With Logic Apps, your company can run smarter by working more efficiently whether it wants to connect to on-premise systems, the cloud, or a combination of the two, Plus, you only pay for what you use. There are no big upfront costs.

         7. Azure Active Directory: Azure AD is Microsoft’s multi-tenant, cloud-based directory and identity management service that      combines core directory services, application access management, and identity protection into a single solution. We can also register apps and devices to Azure AD. Once your users and groups, apps or devices are registered in Azure AD, you can have a single sign-on to your apps or groups.

Azure Active Directory
Azure Active Directory

Azure AD not only stores our Azure accounts but also grants permissions to access Azure resources besides governing all the access to those specific resources. Azure AD also works with other platforms like Skype, SharePoint, Power BI, OneDrive, Outlook, or any product from Office 365 platform.

In conclusion, Microsoft Azure has a lot of infrastructure and platform services for your projects. Different Microsoft Azure services are a rich set of services covering development and operation that serve different functions. Several resources within these services can be added as needed and released when done plus you only pay for the resource you use. Microsoft Azure Services are easy to create and manage and provide flexible support for Windows and Linux ecosystems. These services can be combined to create sophisticated solutions and offer broad support for open source and commercial solutions.

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