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Amazon Web Services

With the growing popularity of cloud technology, companies have found a concrete mode to back up their data. Keeping it in a safe and secure location protects it from power failures, natural disasters and other problems. This has made it imperative for institutions, organizations, and even individuals to opt for the best cloud solution provider.

The need for AWS services

Nevertheless, amid growing competition, finding a trustworthy partner has become extremely difficult. Besides, you need a provider who can offer you reliable and innovative cloud solutions as per the requirements. This is where the Amazon Web Services come into the play.

AWS Services
AWS Services

The renowned platform offers you more than 200 different cloud solutions, developed with the sole aim of transforming the technologies and aligning them with the cloud network. With so many options to choose from, you might get confused. To help you out, let’s focus on thetop five global cloud solutions from AWS.

  1. AWS Compute

With AWS Compute, you can transform your business into an innovative platform and revolutionize the infrastructures to meet the market demands swiftly. It will manage the entire workflow from cloud to the data centers, AWS infrastructure, APIs, and more involved in the entire function control of your business.

  1. AWS Management and Governance

Managing a huge volume of resources is not an easy task, which is why AWS offers the management and governance software. It not only helps you save a lot of money but also provides different tools that you can use as per your business requirements. Some of the most promising tools are the AWS Config, Amazon Managed Grafana, AWS Control Tower, AWS License Manager, AWS Marketplace, and more.

  1. AWS Cloud Storage

The Amazon Web Services offer an impeccable cloud storage platform that will help you scale the business and transform it into something more innovative and result yielding. Its two most notable storage solutions are the Amazon Simple Storage Service and the Amazon Elastic Block Storage.

You can also opt for hybrid storage, like the AWS Storage Gateway for ensuring that your business can have more advantage on all the data and other information.

  1. AWS Cloud Databases

Wondering how to build a database for your business? If yes, then AWS has the right solution to serve your cause. Its purpose-built databases are custom developed based on your business requirements so that you don’t need to depend on the traditional storehouses. For a fully functional DB, it offers:

  • Self-identification and auto-triggered healing
  • Continuous data monitoring, and
  • Automated scaling
  1. AWS Analytics

Often, the Amazon users require more data storage and analytics solutions to overcome the shortcomings of their traditional data management systems.

The AWS-powered datalakes, supported by Amazon simple storage service (Amazon S3) pose a befitting solution to this requirement.

It makes it easier to manage the flexibility, agility, and scalability needed to combine various approaches related to data and analytics.

AWS Analytics
AWS Analytics

This product will help you find all the connections and trends between various data sets. As a result, you can easily prepare different reports and draw forecasts for understanding your customers in a much better manner.

From data warehousing to real-time data integration, this product will offer you a myriad of serverless features and functionalities. In addition, its ML-based infrastructure makes it highly efficient and capable of handling data in humanized form.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has proven to be one of the most reliable platforms for everyone who needs custom-tailored cloud solutions for various purposes. The topnotch AWS products are not only innovative and based on modern technologies but they offer several features that will take your business up several notches. All you need is to choose the best solution that matches all your requirements so that you can get the job done within minutes.

To get detailed info on various cloud-based products offered by AWS services, you can always get in touch with CRM-Masters. We will be prompt to attend to your queries and suggest you the best product for your business.