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CRM Masters
Zoho Customer Service Apps

The popular and cloud-based, award-winning Customer Service Management (CRM) uses ZOHO as its service provider. The ZOHO tech company has an excellent reputation with more than 40 online applications. Amongst these 40 applications include project management, spreadsheets, note taking, invoicing, etc. Depending on your specific business requirement, you can opt to use one or more of these utilitarian apps.

What does customer service software mean?

It refers to a specific set of tools to gather responses, organize and collect reports on support and assistance. The customer support service helps in managing one or more channels of communication. The system involves features like live chat, messaging, emails, self-service, and exterior tools like social media platforms. Integration of all these aspects into a single system fosters a better service and ensures utmost customer satisfaction.

What are some ZOHO Customer Service Apps?

ZOHO offers a range of apps to enable its users to serve the customers in a better way. Here is a quick look at the widely used ones.

ZOHO Books

ZOHO Books
ZOHO Books

A web-based solution for accounting purposes ZOHO Books helps in the management of the financial aspects of any business or venture. With this online solution, users can deal with invoices, bankings, bills, inventory and several other mobile accounting services. ZOHO Books is an intuitive software for accounting developed to aid small businesses in handling their finances in a better way. Here are more reasons to confide in ZOHO Books.

  • The online application has a user-friendly interface.
  • It allows businesses to create and establish online financial forms of professional stature.
  • It is smooth and efficient to use, which helps the users to stay ahead in their game.

Moreover, the users can also develop mission-specific accounting records to substantiate their decisions.



A highly recognized online platform, ZOHO CRM is one of the most popular CRM apps across the globe. Businesses and individuals prefer using it since it helps to establish excellent customer relationships and boost business growth. ZOHO CRM is no doubt the app of the masses owing to the multiple facilities it offers. These include:

  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Robust contact management
  • systematic sales pipeline

In addition, ZOHO CRM also provides its users with several efficient CRM-related tasks. For example,

  • Automation of everyday tasks
  • Conversion of site visitors to loyal customers
  • manage customer accounts efficiently
  • Ensure accurate revenue forecasts.

Overall, adopting ZOHO CRM will work effectively in simplifying your business processes hence making way for increased sales.

ZOHO Sites

ZOHO Sites
ZOHO Sites

This swift and smooth application helps users to establish standard quality websites in a few minutes. People can use this powerful solution without any prior technical/IT skills. Here are some of its plus points

  • The ZOHO Sites platform has a drag and drops function that makes it easy to use at its very foundation.
  • The software employs common elements like clever navigation techniques to attract visitors.
  • It enables optimized usage irrespective of the device used to open it.

You can avail all essential features of this application for free. However, for premium functions, a paid subscription is necessary.


ZOHO CRM has been a revolution in the business world owing to ease of use and process simplification it ensures. It has helped countless businesses to simplify their complicated processes and speed up their business. Its customer service apps have also assisted significantly in making well-informed decisions.

Hence, if you also wish to leverage the capabilities of these apps, you can always let us know at CRM-Masters. As the premium ZOHO partner, we can help you make the most of these apps for your business. Although ZOHO customer service applications offer integrated solutions, you can use them as standalone apps as well.

In case you feel yourself stuck somewhere while using them, yet again you count on us to help you out. We will always be there to provide capable assistance in your stint with ZOHO applications.