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Organizations today generate a large amount of data. Therefore, effective data visualization is essential for businesses to communicate different business Strategies and goals with stakeholders or clients. BI and Analytics convert the data into meaningful insights to help accelerate the decision-making and optimize the business processes. And this is where Zoho Analytics comes in handy.

This blog will briefly discuss Zoho Analytics and how it can help you if you are struggling to get business insights.

Zoho Analytics is a business intelligence and analytics software released in 2009. The platform lets the users fetch the data from any data source and analyze it visually to make data-driven decisions. Business connectors can identify the relationships, create a domain and cross-domain models, train the NLQ engine, and create sample reports and dashboards to speed up analytics implementation.

Here are some key features of Zoho Analytics:

1. Streamline and Centralized Data Collection

Zoho Analytics offers easy-to-import and copy-paste options from various sources like databases, cloud storage services, and online for offline applications. You can easily store data in tabular file formats like CSV, XLS, JSON, statistical files, and HTML.

You can automate the data sync and get real-time insights. Data merging, formatting, cleaning, splitting, and calculating fields can also be performed.

2. Analyze and Track Business Metrics

Once your data has been uploaded to Zoho Analytics, your team can easily create reports and dashboards for a complete analysis of all your data. The drag-and-drop interface allows you to create charts and graphs for presentations quickly. A wide range of components is available for a smooth reporting experience.

3. Create Insightful Reports

You can get a quick yet comprehensive glance at your business metrics by turning your raw data into insights that will push your sales team to close the deals more efficiently. It lets you analyze and track the fundamental business metrics and keep you well informed. Zoho Analytics also offers a deeper analytics option by which you can gain deeper insights with the help of various mathematical and statistical functions.

4. Secure Collaboration

Zoho’s comprehensive security practices and policies allow your sales team to collaborate and analyze reports online without any data breach. Reports can also be shared privately amongst the employees and embedded into other applications or emails.

All these benefits and features can be summed up as:

CRM Masters Zoho Analytics


Zoho Analytics is the best and most affordable way to get the most out of your business data and transform it into valuable insights. We at CRM Masters are there to help you and guide you if you also wish to deploy it.