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Brief Introduction

Without the burden of conventional development, enterprises may digitize their business operations with the help of ZOHO Creator, an all-in-one low-code application development platform. The service enables professionals to access data from distant locations using any mobile device and aids in the development of cross-platform apps that address specific business demands. It enables business and IT teams to work together and produce apps more quickly to stimulate rapid business growth. It aids in the development of cross-platform apps that address specific business demands.

With the help of ZOHO Creator, creating apps is simple thanks to its straightforward user interface and assisted scripting. No matter how complicated your needs are or how skilled you are at coding, you can come up with original, unique solutions. The ability to clean, standardize, and analyze data to produce dashboards is a crucial feature of ZOHO Creator.

Different Functional Processes in an Automated Low-Code Platform

With the help of the Custom Solutions Platform, you can quickly turn your domain knowledge into multi-platform cloud apps that are ready for deployment by utilizing the power of low-code platform ZOHO Creator and its unique configuration options, like bespoke pricing, APIs, portals, sales, marketing, finance, and other features. Custom solutions can be built and tested to ensure full functionality, and then made available to clients. A couple of these solutions include customer service, marketing, sales, finance, HR, and operations.

Customer Service:

The customer service platform facilitates customer-facing and support staff to make numerous processes effective while offering customers multi-channel service, whether it be through live chat, phone calls, or emails. Your teams can track and automatically allocate new tickets to your reps, collect feedback, and more with a customer service platform in place. They can also keep an eye on crucial KPIs like the typical response time, open tickets, client satisfaction, and agent workloads. You can rapidly set up specialized customer portals where your customers may monitor their support requests, socialize with other users, and participate in the community using Creator’s customer service and support platform.


You can seamlessly manage all of your marketing tasks using ZOHO Creator. With the help of ZOHO Creator’s low-code platform, you can easily manage all aspects of marketing, including content, campaigns, and budgets. Content creation is the cornerstone of every marketing team’s success in today’s digital age. Utilize the marketing solutions offered by ZOHO Creator to automate and monitor your content creation and publication processes. In addition to it, you can send out email messages to your prospects or customers with a completely configurable campaign management tool. Your campaigns will be planned, sent, and tracked just how you want them to.


You can easily manage all of your sales activities with the ZOHO Creator’s low-code powered sales automation platform. Combine customer and sales data, create unique sales apps, and easily automate a variety of tasks, including contact management, lead prospecting, and report generation. You can automate email marketing, manage contacts and appointments, automate sales engagement, track KPI success, estimate growth, filter and evaluate prospects, acquire insights with strong analytics, and do a lot more using ZOHO Creator’s sales automation software.


Utilize specialized financial automation tools that seamlessly integrate into your workflow to manage your particular financial processes. Handle tasks like costs and financial projections through prebuilt financial process automation tools, which are built on the low-code platform of ZOHO Creator. Create your own unique finance applications with multi-level approval processes to make sure that spending is constantly under control. Manage a single and centralized financial software to manage all of your accounting tasks, including sales and purchases, and receive real-time notifications to stay informed. With ready-made native mobile apps that come standard with any web-based finance app created on ZOHO Creator, you can carry out your job wherever you are, whether it be allocating projects or researching financial projections.


Deploy a low-code automation platform (i.e. ZOHO Creator) to completely automate HR tasks. Automate all of your HR processes, from hiring to retirement, with specialized HR management software created with ZOHO Creator. A bespoke HR management software makes it simple to accept applications online, customize employee portals, and help new hires integrate with their teams. With the help of this HR automation platform, you can also create native mobile and progressive web apps from scratch, visually design and implement advanced automation workflows, centralize employee data, improve communications, and more. Through integrated HR solutions, information such as employee ID numbers, contact information, and much more can be conveniently saved and accessible.

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Size has no bearing on effectiveness. You need accurate, uncompromising apps to optimize daily work, whether you’re running operations at a seed-funded company or a solid enterprise. With little to no coding required, ZOHO Creator’s operations management software solutions assist in streamlining, automating, and digitizing whole business activities. Combine your HR efforts, including hiring and onboarding, as well as staff management. Maintain a comprehensive database of all of your employees, including information about their hierarchy, attendance status, and other details. Create channels of communication and automate email duties to lighten each person’s workload. By combining business connections, approvals, and financial facts into one process, you can even increase budgeting efficiency.

ZOHO Creator

A low-code platform called ZOHO Creator makes it simple to create custom business applications. Powerful and feature-rich tools are used by ZOHO Creator to enable the creation of bespoke apps without the need for technical skills. The platform enables companies of all sizes to manage their data and workflows, gain knowledge from their databases, and connect with their current applications with ease. The ZOHO Creator appears to be the ideal solution for the job at hand. Numerous companies all over the world are looking for practical strategies to increase the effectiveness of their regular business operations. They are unable to do so because they lack the resources and the demand for a complete process automation solution. Given its simplicity of use, workflow automation capabilities, and safe cloud storage at a highly appealing, subscription-based price point, ZOHO Creator might be the ideal choice for these enterprises.

CRM Masters Infotech LLP was established in 2016 and is a Salesforce Certified Partner as well as a ZOHO Premium Partner. To fulfill the needs of its clients for reliable, scalable, and complicated IT solutions, it offers custom solutions using ZOHO, Salesforce, AWS, Shopify, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and WordPress. The countries where CRM Masters conducts business include the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and India. Its capacity to serve clients globally is attested to by a sizable client base of 400+ clients and 500+ implemented projects globally. It’s a business that specializes in facilitating the digital transformation of enterprises and organizations in response to the emergence of cloud-based technologies, including web and internet platforms.