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SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) these days have to face many challenges to keep afloat. CRM systems have become crucial for tracking and analyzing customers. Of all the CRMs available in the market, Salesforce holds a good place in the rankings for its easy implementation, great customization features, and high reliability.

This article will discuss whether Salesforce is a good option for SMEs after an enviable customer portfolio.

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Small and Medium-sized businesses consider these specific points when choosing any digital technology:

  • Quick install and easy user interface
  • Engaging clients communication
  • Fast and robust growth
  • Look after operational management

Now let’s check whether Salesforce is the right fit for them or not?

How is Salesforce a blessing to SMEs?

1. Opportunity Management

With the inbuilt dealer evaluation and quoting tools, SMEs can efficiently and effectively close the deals and manage the opportunities. It can create detailed PDF quotes which can be used to email the customer directly. It represents the primary fields of sales processes like:

  • Prospecting
  • Qualification
  • Needs analysis
  • Decision-makers
  • Value proposition

CRM MASTERS Infotech LLP Salesforce

This information can be used to make internal sales management hassle-free by monitoring the sales pipeline.

2. Contact Management

Contact details, prospects, and leads are one of the valuable suites of information for small and medium-sized enterprises, as they will not only provide repeated business but will also yield new proceedings for them. Contact management application serves as a robust system for SMEs. In addition, the profiles of the customers get automatically synced with the social media accounts, which can help them gain a comprehensive view of their customers.


3. Personalized Integration

Salesforce offers customer interaction through thousands of free and paid apps on AppExchange and even allows third-party integrations to reap the maximum potential out of the CRM. Customized CRM can help expand the boundaries for the future growth of the business.


4. Statistics and Analytics

It is impossible to think of scalable growth unless you work on the data. With the drag-and-drop tools, generation and analysis become easy. It thereby helps to predict their outcomes quickly and efficiently.


5. Mobile Access

Salesforce makes it feasible for SMEs to take full advantage of their consolidated features and provide them the chance to run a company from their smartphone or tablet. You need internet access to quickly access customer data, lead generation process, and other sales-related information. This keeps them updated all the time, and this way, they can even seek support whenever they require it.


6. Community Learning

By being on the cloud, Salesforce users can connect their CRM with other cloud services, mainly social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In this way, they can engage better by answering the questions and answers of their customers. This will help them optimize their system for a pleasant and smooth experience.


Summing it Up!

According to Salesforce, 23% of the workdays are spent manually inputting and updating data by SMEs. But with the deployment of Salesforce, they can save this time and use it to find and win more customers. With Salesforce, you can seamlessly organize, track and upgrade your business.


Are you thinking of adopting Salesforce for your young business? So why wait? Contact our experts at CRM Masters to know more about it.