“Better customer relationship and retention is what separates a successful business from a non successful one.”

Planning and strategizing is an ongoing process, and you need the right solution to make it work in the best way for your company. If you are wondering how to take things forward, we are here to help you with our customized Salesforce CRM. At CRM Masters InfoTech LLP, we customize the CRM tool to support the planning and delivery phase at your organization. As a reliable cloud-based IT company, we focus on understanding the best CRM products that can help meet your organizational objectives.

After that, our developers understand the workflow that best suits in meeting with your business objectives. By customizing, configuring and implementing the CRM, we ensure that proper automation happens and there is a better workflow at your organization.

While creating the desired CRM for your business, we use CustomForce Tools that work for both mobile and web applications. The company can connect with the past, and present data to speculate and initiate better sales conversion and customer pitching. We also understand that it is a real challenge to develop something user-friendly and easy to use. Thus, our CRM tools are so developed that it can be handled easily by a layman with little technical knowledge.

Our experts know that SalesForce CRM at MVP or advanced level does not satisfy all the business concerns. As a result, the need for greater customization arises, and considering our market identity as the best in the business, we meet with challenging Salesforce customization. This year we have helped in completing roughly 12 SalesForce CRM projects, and our customization benefited the clients. They could simplify the organizational process and use the customized CRM to even look after the administrative tasks.

Unlike the past, the staff devoted more time to sales conversion and business pitching while tedious jobs were automated using the CRM. The outcome was more sales and conversion for the business.

To give a real-time experience to the users, we continuously upgrade the UI and user experience of our customized Salesforce CRM to make it lightning-fast and easy to use.

Salesforce Mobile App Development

We have the reputation to customize the Salesforce CRM for mobile devices so that employees can interact with the present and potential clients even when they are not in the organizational premises. Thus, they can work for the company even when they are on a holiday or not in the office.

Certified developers – Sales and Service Cloud consultant

  • Sales Cloud: The technology that helps in bringing customer information fused together in an integrated platform that supports lead generation, marketing, sales, customer support and business analytics.
  • Service Cloud: Many companies prefer to hire cloud based service instead of having their own infrastructure and machinery. Such services are categorized under service cloud packages.
  • Marketing Cloud: Businesses demand a more proactive and smart way to market themselves and marketing cloud helps them in their pursuits. As this process is extremely cost-effective and can be customized as per the will, many organizations prefer to use this for marketing.

Case Studies Salesforce

Beyhealth Salesforce Implementation

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Source Furniture Salesforce Implementation

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Salesforce Implementation for Real Estate

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Salesforce Implementation for Property Management

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CiviQuo Salesforce Implementation

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