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Introduce the competitive Landscape in the market with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Introduce the competitive Landscape in the market with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
According to Nucleus Research, marketing automation results in a 14.5 percent boost in sales efficiency and a 12.2 percent decrease in marketing overhead overall. When you dig further into the results, you’ll find even more convincing figures for small businesses: According to the Annuitas Group, businesses that use marketing automation to cultivate prospects generate 451 percent more eligible leads. Those nurtured leads make 47 percent bigger sales than their non-nurtured counterparts.
Introducing Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Today, we’d like to concentrate on one of Salesforce’s most important products: Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This is a forum with many options, all focused on the field of marketing, and with the overarching goal of putting the customer at the center of any interaction.
We now live in a world where consumers have the final say.
This new client/customer has complete control of what, where, and how they communicate with a company. As a result, managing consumer interaction using conventional approaches becomes extremely difficult. That’s why Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM start working together.
What can you do with Salesforce Marketing Cloud?
Highlighting the benefits of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud technology in these four bullet points: A deep understanding of the consumer: This interface makes it easy to link data from various sources and devices in order to obtain a more holistic view of the customer. You’ll also be able to collect and unlock data from first, second, and third parties. Artificial intelligence customization: Marketing Cloud enables data to be combined with the Einstein tool, allowing AI to coordinate interaction. As a result, the app allows for personalized consumer contact depending on their relationship with the brand. Creating excitement throughout the journey: this marketing tool from Salesforce creates visibility and awareness across the entire project (a two-way interaction in real-time), which also offers insights for every client. Impact Analysis- Marketing Cloud uses artificial intelligence and Google Analytics 360 digital platform to conduct all measurements of the consumer journey through various channels and devices. Are you ready to push marketing automation to the next level? Integrating CRM into marketing automation can allow you to monitor behavior in-depth, such as the sites that prospects visit, the kinds of content they are involved in, and where they are in the purchasing period. Suddenly you have amazing insights into just what your leads are looking for, which allows you to customize everything from content management to selling pitches. These are just a few of the great advantages. If you’d like to hear more about Marketing Cloud or how Salesforce will specifically help your company, please contact us. We are a Salesforce implementation partner.