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Salesforce Sales Cloud

Due to talent shortages and economic turmoil, businesses are facing challenges while driving efficiencies across their entire business model. In this environment, sales organizations are looking for ways to boost their productivity through AI and CRM. Because Salesforce understands how time-consuming it is for businesses to switch between various platforms and applications, it recently announced the launch of Salesforce Sales Cloud, “Unlimited Edition” to simplify work for companies.

“We are in a new era of selling where every sales organization needs to transform from intuition-based to data-driven decision making to be successful,” said Ketan Karkhanis, executive vice president and general manager of Sales Cloud at Salesforce, in a statement. “Companies need technology that unites workflow, automation, and intelligence to drive productivity and efficient growth across every channel, and now with Sales Cloud Unlimited, our customers can have all three.”

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited?

It is a unified sales rep platform that combines artificial intelligence (powered by Salesforce’s Einstein), automation, and analytics. Sales Cloud Unlimited is an empowering tool that allows sales teams to increase revenue from the outset by speeding up workflow and decreasing costs.
This blog explains how Sales Cloud Unlimited can help sales teams to accomplish this.Salesforce Introduces Sales Cloud Unlimited

Here are some notable features of Sales Cloud Unlimited. Let us understand them one by one:

1. Sales Engagement and Salesforce Inbox

They together offer a unified selling experience as well as workflow automation. With this tool, reps can connect to all customer touchpoints on one platform, which lets them act as trusted advisors to their customers.

2. Built-in AI Solution

It delivers millions of real-time recommendations and intelligently embeds them into workflows to help sales reps engage with customers in a new way.

3. Embedded Call Coaching and Conversation Insights

Powered by Einstein Conversation Insights, it transcribes conversations and analyzes call details, delivering actionable feedback to help reps focus on customer engagements and meet customer needs.

4. New Sales Cloud for Slack

It provides seamless integration with Salesforce so that the teams can easily automate deal statuses and maintain records.

Increase Revenue through Self-Service Subscriptions

Customers expect accessible, personalized buying experiences. With Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud and its integration capability into e-Commerce, app systems, and various self-service channels, businesses can create subscription processes with self-service buying and personalization options across any self-service channel, based on their customers’ needs. It generates better customer experiences in turn fueling the company’s revenue growth.

Accelerate Deeper Insights into the Business

The  Unlimited Edition of Sales Cloud consists of various versions of revenue intelligence customized according to multiple industries worldwide. These are Finance Services Cloud Intelligence, Manufacturing Cloud Intelligence, Consumer Goods Cloud Intelligence, Energy & Utilities Cloud Intelligence, and Communication Cloud Intelligence. The versions target the financial, manufacturing, consumer goods, communications, energy, and utility industries. For forecasting, sales teams within these industries gain insights from KPIs and AI.


The Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited is designed in such a way as to allow sales reps to utilize Einstein insights and automate customer service and call coaching to build stronger relationships with clients and serve as trusted advisors to them.

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