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Salesforce for Transportation & Logistics

With digitalization and globalization, Shipping and Logistics Industries have witnessed significant growth just like almost all other industries. Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Trucks are some remarkable examples in this regard. Salesforce drives digital transformation and streamlines management across the supply chain. This blog will discuss how Salesforce can be an effective tool in the logistics and transportation departments.

1. Replaces Traditional Methods in a Strategic Way

The major issue that has been consistent in this industry is getting integral insights focused on strategic sales practices and effective customer support. Nothing has been a more powerful way to retain customers.  Salesforce focuses on logistics better and develops a smooth shipping process to execute an effective shipping solution.

You can overview the SOP through the Salesforce CRM dashboard. Going through the reports like cost metrics can be beneficial to enhance the logistics and shipping. Features like dual verification can be helpful and figuring out fake orders and errors.

2. Better Time Management

The Logistics and Shipping Industry need to consider the timeless aspect very seriously because customers won’t repeat with online service providers who served them the worst logistic experience. Salesforce CRM can help shipping and logistics companies by handling the records with the help of one dashboard. It enables businesses to handle the delivery time and order time. Salesforce services even automate and streamline your workflows.

3. Personalized Customer Support

Customer interaction in a personalized way can boost confidence levels and establish better customer relationships. It enables the organizations to enhance the shipping workflow and obtain greater insights into the business reports. It sets a perfect pathway for the staff to connect with customers and take care of their concerns effectively by giving them access to the details of every customer. Overall you can facilitate data coordination with absolute perfection.

4. Streamlines Business Processes

Businesses can organize and access their entire business data through one platform with real-time transparency at every stage of the shipping journey. It streamlines the entire process from quoting and booking to shipment, tracking, and order fulfillment. This facilitates communication, eliminates confusion and duplication, and enhances the whole logistic experience. It also lets you overview SOP  and set procedures apart that no longer meet the service needs.

5. Recruit and Train Drivers

The drivers are the engine that keeps the supply chain moving. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud you can reach your required audience (younger drivers generally) with hyper-targeted ads which can be filtered by demographic data to get qualified candidates who meet your requirements.’ My Trailhead tool can then streamline onboarding and training too with the gamified approach. They can even earn certifications for essential skills they have learned.

Some of the other features that Salesforce can offer Shipping and Logistics Industries are:Salesforce for Transportation & Logistics


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