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Salesforce Experience Cloud

Even in the technology-driven world, marketing is still about strengthening relationships and improving person-to-person interactions with the target audience. It is not just about building relationships with potential customers but also with employees and partners who will be involved. As a result, selecting the right platform for your community is essential, and that is when potent Salesforce Experience Cloud allows companies to manage dynamic and vibrant communities efficiently and gain better revenue potential.

In this article, you will be introduced to the key features and solutions offered by Salesforce Experience Cloud.

What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud, previously known as Salesforce Community Cloud, is a widely used platform for building portals, websites, and forums for communities.
The Salesforce Experience Cloud is designed to help you build robust online communities and establish contact points with customers, partners, and employees. In addition to digitizing business processes, it enables contactless alternatives to be used within the company. A combination of Experience Builder, Salesforce CMS, Mobile Publisher, and Salesforce suite of web applications has allowed this to be accomplished. With these tools, organizations can easily create personalized content, websites, portals, mobile applications, and storefronts.

But What sets the Salesforce Experience Cloud apart from other community platforms?
The solution lies in integration. Salesforce Experience Cloud offers remarkable collaboration and integration capabilities.

Features of Salesforce Experience Cloud

1. Business Cloud Salesforce

Businesses can deliver relevant experiences and respond intelligently to escalated support cases by centralizing all their data in one place. Partners can update opportunities and qualify leads. Users can share files, sales opportunities, contacts, campaigns, custom objects, and support cases.

2. Templates

Salesforce Experience Cloud provides a vast collection of customized and mobile-friendly templates that allow businesses to create custom asset libraries with drafts, archive states, header images, logos, content editors, and other components.
It will enable companies to ensure that their space looks excellent no matter what device they are using and automatically generate custom color schemes when they upload your logo. Furthermore, they can reuse CSS, HTML, and JavaScript components they already have in their system.

3. Personalization

With the creation of a relevant Content Base and intelligent recommendations, businesses can ensure that their customers have the resources they need as quickly as possible. Additionally, you can offer a personalized content feed and connect users with experts. Users can use the profile pages to display their Interests, Needs, Behaviors, and Endorsements.

4. Lighting Bolt

With Lightning Bolt, you can quickly build mobile-optimized, fully-branded communities that tie into your business processes. Through a drag-and-drop interface, companies can customize every aspect of the customer journey and add lightning components from AppExchange developed by their partners.

5. Groups

The purpose of groups is to structure project/event activities and discussions. Using Groups, members can share files and even upload videos. Users can create private groups, so their discussions on topics aren’t visible to the entire site community.
Salesforce Experience Cloud

How can Salesforce Experience Cloud help you?

Reduces Churn rate:

Regularly engaging with clients is a surefire way of reducing the churn rate. You can do the same with Salesforce Experience Cloud. The system allows customers to interact with real-time data, revealing only the actions, records, objects, and fields you want them to see. This requires a community license, which is cheaper than a Salesforce license.

Create E-Commerce Channels:

As an alternative to Shopify, Salesforce Experience Cloud can allow customers to interact and transact online seamlessly.

Simplifies App Development:

It not only allows you to build your websites but also your app. Also, the custom functionality can be shared with other groups to make it externally accessible.

Extend your CRM Data:

With Salesforce Experience Cloud, you can share all your Salesforce CRM information with customers, partners, and employees while maintaining security and scalability.


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