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Salesforce CRM for the FinTech Industry

With each passing day, the landscape of FinTech is changing at lightning speed along with the count of Financial Service companies. Banks, Insurance Firms, and Capital Markets face difficulties now in distinguishing themselves due to increasing market rivalry. In addition, customers no longer prefer to go to the bank and complete each process in person. Instead, they trust Financial Services firms implicitly and demand secure transfers and a simple Wealth Management process. Therefore, digital solutions like Salesforce CRM are crucial to optimize managing these complex processes inside fintech organizations.

This blog will, therefore, also discuss how you can take advantage of Salesforce CRM if you are a bank, corporate finance firm, investment service company, or investor.

What is Salesforce?

It is a cloud-based CRM tool that helps your organization manage your customers, sales, and leads. It also offers cloud-based tools such as data analytics and IoT products. A company can gain invaluable insight into its customers from these technologies and utilize them to its advantage.

Salesforce CRM for the FinTech Industry

How is Salesforce Beneficial to the FinTech Industry?

Salesforce CRM provides multiple services and features to companies that Fintech Companies can use. Let’s see them one by one:

1. Replacing Multiple Systems

Companies in the FinTech industry often use multiple solutions to address new business areas, products, and services as they grow. This creates numerous silos and lacks visibility into clients, revenue, areas for improvement, and services.

By introducing Salesforce, you can reduce the number of resources you need for a particular process without compromising the result. It’s easy to customize, set up fast for new functions, and provides a vast catalog of Appstore partners that you can introduce quickly to your Salesforce environment.

2. Improved Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a way to gauge how well a usable app is performing in the market. But it can be considerably challenging for FinTech companies to fulfill their customer needs on many levels.

Using Salesforce 360, Fintech companies can simplify and streamline their business by offering the right financial products, responding to customer queries, and onboarding customers more quickly and easily.

3. Boost Sales And Lead Conversions

Salesforce Sales Cloud feature provides advanced lead generation and conversion functionality. Since it also allows access to customers’ financial data and requirements in real-time, it, therefore, becomes more convenient for businesses to provide the customers with the products they want at the time they need. As a result, sales increase significantly, converting leads into loyal, lifetime customers.

4. Helps to establish Customer-Centric Services

The goal of fintech companies is to simplify financial services for users. This objective can be achieved with the Salesforce platform, which offers a way to make business processes customer-centric. Salesforce helps businesses identify their customers’ specific needs from the general use of its platform, so they can give them financial solutions when needed. By inducting a more holistic, 360 customer-centric approach, Fintech companies are likely to attract more loyal customers.

5. Better Compliance

Fintech applications need to comply with the right regulatory frameworks and industry standards. Using Salesforce CRM, a company can promote better compliance practices by managing the policy framework of the FinTech solution and ensuring the ethical operation of the resolution. Hence, the company is not in legal or regulatory trouble and is regarded as trustworthy and reliable by its clients.


We-CRM Masters are certified Salesforce partners and thereby hold profound expertise in Salesforce. Solutions tailored by our experts for your business will indeed leverage the power of Salesforce for you. Let us know if we can help you if you are also someone struggling with this deployment.