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Each organization strives to motivate its employees and increase their productivity. To achieve these goals, comprehensive performance measurement and evaluation systems are necessary. A solution like Zoho People adds context to business management and employee development to help you maximize employee performance.

What should your Performance Management Process include?

Performance management cannot be limited to once a year for your employees to grow. It is an ongoing process that begins at the beginning of the employment contract and ends only after the employee has left the company.

Here’s what you should include to ensure your performance management process is successful:

Long-Term Career Pathing

It is one of the most critical parts of performance management. This is rising through the company by integrating new skills and knowledge. Employees can choose their career path without considering every move in their career. However, setting one can help clarify the types of leadership roles, training opportunities, and even the assigned projects.

Short-Term Goal Setting

Short-term goal setting uses the employee’s strengths and current skills along with the manager’s resources to identify and work through the roadblocks to achieve success in their current projects.

Open Communication & Feedback between Managers and Employees

It is more likely that employees will respond to more complex conversations about improving performance when managers keep lines of communication open in daily or weekly conversations.

Performance Management Software to Keep you on Track

Management software assists managers in writing job descriptions, setting relevant objectives that align with a company’s goals and mission, managing performance, and writing appraisals. As a result of smart goal setting, transparency, and recognition, it also improves employee engagement.

Employee Coaching Models

It involves asking the right questions and listening carefully to help employees find solutions or answers to their problems. Many modern coaching management features also include a chat feature that lets reports communicate directly with their managers.

Now we will learn about the Benefits of the Zoho People Performance Management System:

360 Degree Feedback

With Zoho People, employees can review peers anonymously and be reviewed by them. One can receive feedback from multiple sources, including managers, peers, subordinates, and external consumers (clients or vendors), using 360 Degree Feedback. The input may serve as a benchmark within the employee’s development or self-evaluation plan. ZOHO People Crm Masters

Set Realistic Goals

An effective performance management system begins with establishing goals. It encourages individuals and organizations to work harder and achieve more. By setting goals, you can pinpoint both short-term and long-term objectives, identify action items for each objective, recognize obstacles, and prioritize goals and timelines for each objective. The goal-setting function in Zoho People allows employees, HR staff, and managers to track their progress toward goals.

Streamline Appraisals and Reviews

A periodical review helps to discover whether an employee is performing well or not and provides both positive and developmental feedback, which is essential to improve a task’s success.

Using Zoho’s appraisal cycle customization feature, you can design and execute detailed, customized appraisal methods for a robust performance evaluation. Every time employees receive an appraisal; they can document all their skills and review all their results.


Each employee’s job description determines the Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs). Therefore, the employee’s sole responsibility is to meet the exact KRAs assigned to them. KRAs are used today to improve the effectiveness of teams within organizations.

Performance Reports & Analytics

With Zoho’s powerful reports and analytics, users can assess employee performance and identify growth opportunities. A skill-set matrix report, paired with a 9-box grid report, lets you see your team’s performance at a glance.


We hope by now you’ve understood the prerequisites of choosing a performance management system. But If you are still skeptical about the right one or facing any issues while working with Zoho People, then feel free to let us know. We, CRM Masters, are Zoho Premium Partners. And thereby hold profound expertise in Zoho. Solutions tailored by our experts for your business will indeed leverage the power of Zoho for you.