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Salesforce Education Cloud

Educational  Institutions are the foundation of what we see today for everything the world has come to. Information and Communication Technology(ICT)  has transformed the way most sectors of society are managed. Educational Institutions have also kept up equally with these advances. Primary, Secondary, and Higher Level Education organizations seek to renew themselves to satisfy the needs of students teachers, and families.  Salesforce Education Cloud is a strong technological foundation that delivers more to the education industry and the cloud services ensure maximum efficiency for all.

How Different Is Salesforce CRM From Salesforce Education Cloud?

Salesforce CRM is a unifying software platform that enables your institution to manage, control, and sought after the data from one place itself.  Salesforce Education Cloud is aimed at making the processes relevant in the education system easy and more efficient by providing them with purpose-built education products and solutions besides the latest innovations from the trusted Salesforce platforms such as Artificial Intelligence, analytics, integration capabilities, and many more.

Features of Salesforce Education Cloud

Salesforce Education Cloud

Principal Advantages of Using Salesforce Education Cloud

Student Management

Salesforce lets you manage everything easily. The dashboard equipped with the tools provides you the direct insights into every student that is enrolled in your institution. Optimized communication channels offer personalized and content control providing student bodies with an unmatched ability to remain in the loop, up-to-date, and most importantly safe. Additionally, it enables the university to improve student engagement, streamline college services and provide job opportunities.

Teacher Management

For an institution, it is equally important to manage the teachers as the students. Salesforce helps the teachers by giving them more insights into the students to increase efficiency. It also provides a unified dashboard for teachers and students together so that they can engage more effectively through communications and events.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing is essential for every business and so is for an educational institution. With the rising competition, it is required to keep up with it and Salesforce helps you to leverage your business by bringing better leads. But what good is the marketing tool if you can’t measure its effectiveness? And thus Salesforce Marketing Automation seamlessly integrates reporting tools. You can keep tabs on your current campaigns, and manage and edit on the go from one central platform.


Salesforce offers out-of-the-platform features, a flexible scalable architecture, and a team of consultants and Salesforce experts. Overall gives a smoother experience to teachers students and parents.

As per the Insights from the Total Economic Impact Study by Forrester Consulting:

Salesforce Education Cloud


We can say that the Salesforce Education Cloud not only offers powerful technological products but also offers a communal platform committed to driving the success of its clients.

We CRM Masters are certified Salesforce partners and thereby hold deep expertise in Salesforce. Solutions tailored by our experts for your business will surely leverage the power of Salesforce for you. Let us know if we can help you if you are also someone in the Education Industry.