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Brand Awareness

About 89% of marketers claim that Brand Awareness is the ultimate goal for their business. But there are some fundamental strategies that you need to know. Dive in to learn what Brand Awareness is and strategies to improve it.

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What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness generally refers to the degree to which consumers are familiar with your brand, including its distinctive characteristics and features and the products or services you offer. In contrast to a simple individual metric, brand awareness encompasses many different KPIs, including traffic and social media share of voice.

Why does Brand Awareness matter?

B2B Marketing relies heavily on visibility as it builds credibility and trust with potential customers. Building brand loyalty and brand awareness is the first step. After all, it’s impossible to love a brand if the customers don’t know and recognize it. And when you make your brand more visible, you will have to work less to gain leads’ trust. That means lower advertising costs, higher conversion rates, and better customer experience.

Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

1. Segment Your Branding Efforts to Target ­Specific Audiences

It’s okay if you’re reaching a large audience with your current branding efforts. Nonetheless, it’s still helpful to segment them based on behaviors instead of demographics (such as age, gender, and location) to identify and target more specific/potential groups.

2. Improve your SEO with User-Intent-Related Keywords

Although SEO may seem daunting, it’s simple to implement – and it’s critical to a brand’s online success as it allows it to stand out from the sea of related information. The goal is to have your content appear on search results pages and be seen by search engines like Google.

Here are some tips for improving your SEO using keywords:

    • You need to discover keywords your target audiences use to find companies like yours in your industry and content categories. The real inclusion of these keywords will surely enhance your brand’s awareness.
    • Use targeted keywords to build the content or insert them strategically into it without losing relevance.
    • Make sure you repeat your SEO keywords in your content at least 11-12 times. Also, it is essential to notice that these words appear evenly throughout the document, i.e. from beginning to end.
    • Publish the content on a variety of platforms.

A smart SEO strategy will help you improve your brand’s visibility, search engine rankings, leads, and hits. And It won’t take long for your content to rank higher and attract more leads as time passes.

3. Prioritize Social Customer Engagement

As social media continues to evolve in 2022, consumers want more dynamic relationships with their favorite brands. By simply posting weekly content, you’re not taking advantage of valuable engagement opportunities that await. But as soon as you prioritize social customer engagement, you build better experiences for current and prospective customers.

There are many easy ways to accomplish this:

    • This could include responding to questions or asking your followers directly through social posts, polls, or questionnaires.
    • This could include highlighting user-generated content and responding to comments on your posts and tweets. This would make them feel like you are interfacing with them.
    • You can create contests that offer your followers gift cards or discount codes as prizes.

4. Use Influencer Marketing to Target Your Audience on a Larger Scale

Influencer marketing is a rapidly growing field that offers instant results to businesses of all sizes. When you work with an established influencer( in your niche), you can take an edge off their existing credibility to represent your company and build more trust with your target audience.

5. Implement a Referral Program

You can achieve brand recognition through word-of-mouth marketing by encouraging loyal customers to be your best advocates. To identify the customers most likely to recommend your business, you can use feedback from NPS surveys.

The benefits of a referral program extend beyond visibility to increased revenue. Several companies offer referral programs with automatic payouts and easy tracking.

There are many examples of it, some of which some are:

    • PayPal’s money giveaways
    • Dropbox’s giveaway of extra storage space
    • Amazon Prime’s discount coupon

6. Partner with Like-Minded B2B Companies

By forming a partnership with another brand that shares your values, views, or vision, you can reach new audiences and make more compelling offers to draw attention and increase brand awareness.

To further improve your reach, creating these connections with brands with slightly different audiences is ideal. The best part of these partnerships is that both parties benefit.

The following are some examples of brands teaming up to bring an extraordinary marketing campaign or one-of-a-kind product to market:

    • BMW & Louis Vuitton building The Art of Travel campaign together
    • Starbucks & Spotify are conducting the Music Ecosystem co-branding campaign

7. Guest blog on Other Niche Websites

A guest blog is an easy way to increase brand awareness with little effort. While taking advantage of the traffic on another website to get more eyes on your brand, you can offer helpful and relevant content. The way to accomplish this is by offering thorough advice throughout the post and answering questions in the comments. This way, your brand will gain recognition for its quality content and dedication to sharing knowledge with others.Brand Awareness



We hope you have now understood how Brand awareness can significantly affect your marketing efforts, consumer perception, and revenue. By adhering to these practices, you’ll build brand awareness and grow a loyal audience that knows your brand well, choices your products regularly, and shares your products with their friends and family.

Finally, don’t stop testing new strategies once your brand is known. Be sure to stay on top of it.

CRM Masters can help you to learn about the Brand Awareness Strategies that have been tried and tested by companies worldwide and are surprisingly easy to implement.