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Deliver a Great Retail Experience with Salesforce CRM

The digital age has changed how consumers buy products and services, resulting in consumers being more demanding than ever. They expect a seamless experience anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Therefore, retailers must consider the future of their business and their customers, and consequently must invest in creating personalized experiences that sync with their brand image.

With Salesforce, you can take care of all your business needs at once while increasing customer convenience and speed. As you focus on growing your business, Salesforce’s retail solutions help retailers organize, and capture data efficiently, streamline processes across departments, and drive customer loyalty with marketing technologies.

How Salesforce CRM helps Retailers in enhancing Customer Experience?

1. Personalizes Every Path to Purchase

Personalization is an essential component of CRM. A Mulesoft study found that 63% of customers would switch retailers if dissatisfied with their buying experience. Retailers are expected to provide high-quality buying experiences across all channels, so ensuring a hassle-free, fully integrated buying experience is extremely important.

Whether they visit your retail outlet, call your customer service, visit your website, or use an app on their smartphone, it is possible to provide your customers with the same wonderful experience across all channels with Salesforce.

2. Helps in Segmenting your Customers

In retail, customer segmentation is of utmost importance as it’s important to segment your audience when planning your customer experience and marketing strategy.

Specifically designed for retail, the Salesforce marketing cloud offers segmentation services that help you to segment your audience by demographics, geography, behavior, and spending habits. By doing so, you can eventually plan your customer journey and boost your marketing outreach.

3. Creates Awareness about Products and Acquires Customers Seamlessly

Customers today use multiple channels to learn about and connect with companies; for example, many customers research products online but buy them offline in brick-and-mortar stores. And this diversification is presenting challenges for retail companies to reach out to the right customers at the right time via the proper channels.

But you can resolve this issue very effectively with Salesforce, which offers 360-degree customer profiles that captures and integrates critical customer information across channels and touchpoints for a quick understanding of customer requirements. As a result, you can provide the best possible service to your customers.

4. Gains Complete Visibility into Retail Operations in Real Time to Improve Efficiency

Many retailers are improving their operational efficiency and managing inventories properly to combat fluctuating demand and rising operating costs. However, the inability to collect comprehensive, real-time data on sales prevents them from effectively managing their product inventories.

In this situation, Salesforce can be a powerful tool. It allows you to access data regarding marketing and sales operations as they happen, thus enabling you to make timely purchasing decisions.

5. AI Predictions for Smarter Decisions

Analyzing marketing and sales data to identify business trends and estimate demand has been cumbersome for years across retail industries. But the outbreak of COVID-19 has made it necessary to forecast demand in real-time and with a very high degree of accuracy. Although multiple applications are available in the market, most require complex programming skills, which means executives of several retail companies cannot use these applications to the fullest extent.

You can overcome this problem using Salesforce by employing its predictive analytical capabilities to obtain very accurate demand estimates for retail products in just a few clicks. As part of Salesforce, you can also forecast revenues for your retail divisions and develop highly complex business models quickly, with minimal effort.
Deliver a Great Retail Experience with Salesforce CRM


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