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CRM Masters
customer retention strategies
Prevent Customers from Leaving EXAMPLE: Let’s say you want to know how many of your customers didn’t purchase anything in the last 6 months, which might be a sign of them considering quitting your services and taking their money to your competitors. First, create a list of all of your customers, and then create a list of all the sales made within the last six months using your CRM software. By comparing these lists, you end up with a list of customers who haven’t purchased from you in more than half a year. You can now send the follow-up emails to these customers and find out the reasons why they are not purchasing, and prevent them from leaving your business.  

Target customers with special offers

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you want to follow up on the customers who showed an active interest in your product but haven’t bought anything for quite some time. Using your CRM software, you can create a list of all customers who haven’t bought anything for a longer period of time, and compare it with a list of all contacts who subscribed to your newsletter. The result is a list of contacts that are actively interested in your product, but who have not shown any signs of life for a while. Send them a special offer deal or a discount on a new product and make them feel that you care and haven’t forgotten about them.

Reward your most profitable (VIP) customers 

Example: Let’s say you have a number of incentives to give away. Use them to reward your VIPs to further increase their loyalty. It’s easy: just create a list of your VIP customers in your CRM software. Now, you can start to follow up and let them know about the rewards and incentives in order to make them feel special, so they continue to be your most profitable customers, which, if you consider the 80/20 rule, this investment is bound to pay off! Personalize your follow-ups EXAMPLE: Let’s say you’ve met most of your customers already during the trade seminars you organize. However, there are still some decision-makers who haven’t come to your seminars and, therefore, you want to contact them for individual follow-ups or maybe up-selling. How do you do that? First, create a list of all of the contacts you have registered in the CRM software. Next, create a list of all customers who have attended your seminars during the last twelve months. By combining those two lists, you are left with a set of contacts who have not attended your seminars. Now, you know whom to follow up on with a personal invitation!  

Keep your follow-up promises

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you have a list of customers that you need to catch up with and possibly update their information. Time flies and … now it’s time to do it! But, you check your schedule and you see that you won’t be able to keep your promises to customers on time. In this case, you can always assign some of your colleagues to follow up on these customers and, with just a few clicks, create follow-ups in their diaries.