The Parent Practice Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

Business Challenge

The company was facing workforce downtime because of using the on-premise version of Dynamics CRM due to which the team couldn’t access the documents once out of the premises. Staying bound to the office for every small work-related task didn’t let the team members work efficiently while on the field.

Our Solution

Client wanting to bring some changes in the CRM, but wasn’t clear about the type of changes need to be made. After Consulting with CRM Masters, Client reach the decision of migrating to cloud & changes to some existing workflows.
Moreover, Client staff had been using the on-premise version of Dynamics CRM for long now, due to which their employees were used to its flexibility and features. This made migration very comfortable for the company and the staff hardly faced any difficulty in adapting Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Value Delivered

The migration from CRM on-premise to Dynamics 365 has turned the tables for Client as:

  • Their employees are experiencing the ease and better accessibility at work. CRM Masters made smooth and self-driven migration possible for them. The client hardly felt the need for parallel support, engagement or supervision.
  • Changes to the workflows increased the efficiency of the staff & also had deriving valuable reports for management.
  • With Dynamics 365, Client is successfully retooling the processes and has started using CRM to help manage both sales and service delivery more efficiently.
  • This also increase the number of customer on Y-o-Y bases.
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