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The official part of the business is the contract validation. It builds business relationships and clears out the confusion about terms and conditions. That is why it has to be done professionally and systematically. The contracts tend to be complex as they involve a series of actions(like collecting information, storing them security in a platform accessible to all, and many more). Thus, it requires careful handling. Preparing and forwarding the contract manually while supervising the signing process often results in human errors and inefficiency which can be done by ZOHO Ecosystem.

Due to its many complexities, businesses find it challenging to execute the process. To the rescue are the digital contracts. They are reliable and can manage all the processes by preserving the integrity of the business relationships.

This article will describe how you can automate your lead processes with Zoho.

Zoho CRM,  Zoho Writer, and Zoho Signature can be combined to leverage the overall process without any transparency. Now let us discuss each one by one.

Zoho CRM

It helps to process the lead followed by converting it into a client or account. Contracts can be created by using the merge template within a particular layout called the Contract Agreement Layout. Clients can store contract data like contract term, monthly cost, address, etc., in these layouts.

Zoho Writer

It structures various documents and templates into a proper format and even merges the contract from the CRM. It drags all the necessary clients’ information from the deals/ leads/ contacts into the documents and e-mails mergers to the clients for signatures.

Zoho Sign

It receives the contract for obtaining the sign from the stakeholders and the clients. After completing the signing, the Zoho Sign validates the sign and sends it back to the CRM with the validation certificate. CRM  then processes it and links it to the deal record from which it was originally sent.

CRM Masters Infotech LLP

The following results can be seen upon deploying this integration to your system.

  1. You can get relief from manually entering the data. It means little or no human error.
  2. You can save time with this automation.
  3. You can focus on critical aspects of your business with this micromanagement.
  4. You will require less workforce for your administrative tasks.


This seamless integration can provide you with a one singular Zoho ecosystem, which can help you survive in this rapidly changing digital environment, where everything is being conducted online.

If you also struggle to integrate your Zoho CRM into Zoho Apps, please contact our experts at CRM Masters.