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Accelerate your Business with Salesforce Automotive Cloud

The digital era is transforming the auto industry, as vehicles are becoming more connected than ever and new marketing and service models (such as D2C and subscriptions) take hold. As a result, the volume of data available to all parties involved has increased, from companies manufacturing the vehicles to dealers and financiers providing them for consumers. The challenge, however, has been how to leverage this wealth of data to benefit customers and grow revenue.

With the release of SALESFORCE Automotive Cloud in October 2022, Salesforce Industries (which develops industry-specific solutions) has now set itself up to target automakers, dealers, and automotive finance groups. Their customers can also use this application when they are looking for new cars, making purchases, financing, or servicing their vehicles.

Let’s explore more about SALESFORCE Automotive Cloud in details !!

Introducing Salesforce Automotive Cloud

With the Automotive Cloud (powered by Driver 360), automotive companies can get relevant, tailored information and guidance from an all-in-one ecosystem. The system creates a consolidated, real-time view of the entire customer and vehicle life cycle through automation, Intelligence, and Analytics tailored to the industry.

Better lead conversion and collaboration help them drive revenue by delivering exceptional customer service and experiences across every contact.

Salesforce’s research indicates that 93% of auto industry leaders believe that first-party data (as used by the Automotive Cloud) can improve the overall customer experience. This includes browsing, purchasing, financing, and after-purchase. It is for this reason that many auto industries, including Astara and Toyota Financial Services, are already considering using Salesforce Automotive Cloud for customer experience transformation.

“With Automotive Cloud, we will be able to increase the competitive advantage for our entire mobility ecosystem by connecting customer data & vehicle management together within the same platform. This will allow us to deliver the best customer experience & to increase our customers’ lifetime value.”

Features offered by Automotive Cloud

Its solutions incorporate industry-specific data models and processes, such as driver consoles, vehicle consoles, artificial intelligence, analytics, and many others. The following are outlined in detail.

  • Driver Console: Delivers a comprehensive view of customers’ interactions, with varying alerts like car browsing, purchase history, and service journeys. It allows teams to customize support, offers, and sales accordingly.
  • Vehicle Console: Provides complete vehicle information, such as vehicle market values, odometer readings, real-time repair information, and service insight, for automakers, dealers, or finance companies.
  • Household Management: This allows automotive companies to use their data to create a comprehensive picture of household vehicle ownership and previous interactions to offer more personalized support, offers, and sales to consumers.
  • Automotive Data Foundation: Constructs a trustworthy data foundation by utilizing industry standards, like the STAR standard, to facilitate interoperability, intelligent data collection, flexible data sharing, and global regulatory compliance.
  • Flow for Automotive: Simplifies brand communication by automating the delivery of branded experiences, like updating customers on vehicle order status through a click-based configuration and integration.
  • Analytics for Automotive: Provides comprehensive insights into critical KPIs and metrics with purpose-built dashboards that provide an in-depth overview of sales, business performance, asset and customer lifecycles, and revenue trends so that business outcomes can be achieved faster.
  • Automotive Lead Management: Enriches leads with customer and vehicle history to encourage collaboration between automakers and dealers, allowing marketers to direct the most high-value leads to their preferred dealerships, along with a comprehensive snapshot of their needs, wants, and histories.
  • Dealer Performance Management: Analyzes dealership performance by region and monitors leads to coordinate sales agreements, site visits, partnerships, demand forecasts, and incentive programs with channel partners.
  • Salesforce Genie: Provides automotive companies with a consolidated, real-time view of all customer and vehicle data across all channels.

Wrapping Up

Now that the Automotive Cloud is generally available to all users, check it out, and if you need assistance with implementing the solution, feel free to contact us.

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