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CRM Masters

 Your Business Doesn’t Need CRM as it is only for big organizations: If you have customers and want to build strong relationships with them, then the tool is for you. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. It also doesn’t matter whether you just started your business or have been into it for years.

 As the intensive market research says, for every $1 spent, you earn a return of $8.71

2: You can use free tools instead: Your all in one automated CRM helps you manage multiple tasks at the same time. In the case of free tools, your employees have to first use a lot of different tools. Additionally, they would be required to update them each time they interact with new customers.

3: All CRM systems are the same: Again a piece of poor advice you should refrain from. Technologies designed with a different set of objectives will never have the same features. 

4: If you build your own CRM, you will save money: Building a system from scratch is a lengthy process. Not to forget that while creating the tool, the structure may fail, or consider the system maintenance downtime. Considering all of it, it is always better to buy than create.