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CRM Masters
Zoho for Manufacturing Companies

Supply chain management can get tricky sometimes and therefore there is a need for an efficient tool for the manufacturing companies which can help them manage the supply chain seamlessly. In this blog post, we will be discussing how manufacturing companies can leverage ZOHO features for a positive impact on the business.


Inventory Management


As a manufacturing company, it becomes imperative for your business to keep a track of inventory at all the nodes of the supply chain. This will help you to prevent leakage and ensure that you are not losing any sales due to a lack of inventory at any point in the supply chain. ZOHO helps you to keep managing your inventory from the top to the bottom of the supply chain and thereby preventing leakage and loss of sales.


Order Management


You must be getting orders for your products from various regions and through various channels. Moreover, managing these orders through conventional methods can result in various mistakes and this keeps on increasing as the number of orders increases. ZOHO allows you to effectively manage all your orders at various distributors and warehouse levels. Moreover, the data that you will get from this order management will help you analyze the demands for your products in various regions.


Distributor Management


As a manufacturing company, you must be having various distributors across various regions. ZOHO will help you to make your distributors’ job very easy by automating and optimizing various processes carried out by the distributors. Through ZOHO, the distributors can easily manage primary and secondary orders. Moreover, with the seamless inventory management tool, the distributors need not worry about managing the inventory manually.


Salesforce Management


Since your salesforce will be scattered across various locations, it becomes necessary for you to keep a track of all their activities under one unit. The orders taken and all the sales activities carried out by the field salesforce can be recorded in ZOHO and that can be used to analyze and improve their performance. Moreover, the sales team can leverage ZOHO for effective lead management as well.


Reporting and Analytics


Whatever activities are carried out through ZOHO, you can have a real-time reporting of all the data through various reports and dashboards. This will enable you to have faster decision-making based on the data. Moreover, by identifying the gaps in the business using this data, you will be able to intervene at the right time and take the necessary steps to bridge the gap. Based on the hierarchy of your company, access to these reports can be given to certain users who can access and utilize this data.


Getting Started


Irrespective of the size of your company and business, you can leverage the features provided by ZOHO to take your business to the next level. Moreover, the easy-to-use interface of ZOHO has made it one of the topmost choices for Manufacturing companies in terms of selecting a CRM. We at CRM Masters, have the experience of implementing ZOHO in manufacturing companies of various sizes. Please feel free to get in touch for any CRM-related queries.