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Real Estate Developer CRM
  • September 13, 2021
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Real estate is one of the biggest and most prosperous industries in the world. It deals in transactions that are large in scale, dynamic, and often rewarding. However, it is important for a real estate developer to build a robust network of clients and channel partners to thrive in the industry and sustain their establishment.

This makes it important for the players in the industries to implement real estate developer CRM within their organizations. A reliable CRM platform allows developers to establish healthy relations with their clients, provide personalized services to them, keep a track of multiple projects, and automate a number of processes. ZOHO CRM, which is customizable and flexible platform, is best suited for small and medium size companies.

Before understanding how you can manage your properties effectively using real estate developer ZOHO CRM, let us have a look at the challenges faced by developers in property management.

Major Challenges Faced By Real Estate Developers In Property Management

Tracking Multiple Projects

Real estate developers often have multiple ongoing projects at the same time where the stakes are high in each of them. This makes it important for them to keep a track of every single project and manage the same effectively.

Keeping Records Of Every Property

The sales cycle in the real estate industry is fairly long. From the moment a prospect is acquired to the client finally signing the contract, a real estate developer often needs to create and manage a number of documents. This makes it difficult to keep organized records for every property the developer deals in. ZOHO one e-Sign application is best in class application which can eliminate paper work and make the process of signing contract fast and efficient.

Managing Different Types Of Properties

A single real estate developer often manages different types of properties, such as flats, bungalows, offices, etc. The process of dealing with the clients and channel partners is unique in the case of different types of properties. This makes it important for a developer to manage all their properties on a centralized platform.

Benefits Of Implementing Real Estate Developer ZOHO CRM

Benefits of implementing real estate developer crm

A Unified Platform For Managing Different Properties

A real estate developer CRM provides you with a single unified platform where you can manage all the different projects and properties you are working on. It provides you with an organized approach to track the activities undertaken for different properties and obtain real-time updates of the same.

Quick And Easy Creation Of Stacking Plan Reports

Real estate developer CRM helps you create robust stacking pan reports with a few simple clicks. This helps you in obtaining the status of your properties on a centralized platform and allows you to make important decisions for managing them. Moreover, stacking plan reports created using a CRM platform are faster, more organized, and highly accurate.

Streamlined Contract Management

Contracts always play an important role in real estate deals and projects. Right from making the first offer and managing legal expenses to keeping a track of counter bids, real estate developer CRM helps you create and manage contracts in a streamlined and automated manner. This saves you and your team from going through the trouble of manual contract management.

Maintaining Healthy Client Relations

Real estate developer CRM allows you to keep a track of the specific needs and preferences of all your clients. This helps you tailor your services and communication in a personalized manner. When you personalize your services, it makes your clients feel special, allowing you to build healthy and lasting relations with them.

The Final Word

Implementing real estate developer CRM within your organization helps you switch from tedious traditional to more advanced and automated approaches. It allows you to make the most of the data stored within your systems and streamline every process that helps you attain the traction you desire.