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  • February 25, 2021
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One of the great aspects of the ZOHO CRM is its ability to integrate with other ZOHO Products. ZOHO Backstage, ZOHO campaigns, and ZOHO forms were frequently used to assist organizations to manage event registrations, event schedules, and participant outreach.

Connectivity lies in the basic formula that ZOHO Apps can quickly be incorporated with current business processes. Taking a recent example, one of my partner’s companies arranged a free webinar and began digital conversion ads that would send the user to a form-based landing page. Now the type of the other framework that was being used by the company did not allow the implementation of the tracking code while ZOHO quickly provided all of it. He then moved all the company’s operations to the ZOHO network. This mindset is well shaped with the proper support of the right ZOHO Partner.


CRM for Businesses

So the true strength of the ZOHO product is its simple integration. ZOHO Integration Activities make it easy to migrate and synchronize the stored data through various ZOHO services. They provide functionality by enabling you to retrieve, change and erase your data. Here are a variety of situations where integration activities come in handy:

  • Zoho Desk – Zoho Projects: One can add a ticket you have created in ZOHO Desk as a task in the ZOHO Projects using ZOHO-Projects-Create-Record-Task.
  • Zoho Mail – Zoho Cliq: You can post the content of all the emails received from a specified email address to one of your ZOHO Cliq channels using the ZOHO – Cliq-Post-Channel Task.
  • Zoho CRM – Zoho Sign: You can download a license agreement from ZOHO Sign and add it as an attachment in the ZOHO CRM Deals module using ZOHO.Sign.Download Document and ZOHO.CRM.attach-File tasks.
  • Zoho Connect – Zoho Cliq: You can post a custom message in a ZOHO Cliq bot whenever an event is created using ZOHO.cliq.postToBot task.
  • Zoho Sheet – Zoho CRM: You can write formulas in ZOHO Sheet to auto-populate columns based on ZOHO CRM data using ZOHO.CRM.searchRecords task.
  • Zoho Writer – Zoho People: You can share a ZOHO Writer document with the list of employees fetched from ZOHO People using ZOHO Writer. Share documents and ZOHO.people.getRecords tasks.

ZOHO applications are very well integrated and provide the best operating system for your business at an efficient market price. ZOHO has also released a single product called ZOHO One, which integrates the organizational model with the whole ZOHO Suite at a very affordable price. Contact a ZOHO Consulting Partner to begin this amazing transformation for your firm.