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Zoho Survey – A Definitive Settlement to Fine Tune Customer Satisfaction
  • July 2, 2021
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Templates that may be customized

Zoho developers have created a user-friendly survey editor that allows customers to quickly get started with over 250 completely customizable themes. The survey templates in Zoho’s Survey suite adapt to any screen size and include smart features that increase response rates.


Integrate with Zoho CRM

With just a few clicks, you can connect your Survey account to your small business CRM software databases if you’re using Zoho CRM. Once the connectivity is ready, you may use Zoho CRM to access numerous Survey features. Most significantly, you can then use your CRM to send out a template produced in Survey. Send out surveys one at a time, in batches, or with the help of automated process procedures. As a result, Survey makes delivering surveys to your contacts simple while allowing you to fully utilize CRM databases and marketing automation.


Creating a User-Friendly Survey

With only a few clicks you can create new surveys through the survey app. The survey editor supports hundreds of survey formats and allows you to simply add new sections to your survey for dropdowns, star ratings, multiple-choice questions, email capture fields, and a variety of other components.

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Reasonable pricing

Zoho Developers have decided on charging reasonable rates for its products, making them accessible to companies of all sizes. Zoho’s free tier includes unlimited surveys as well as access to the complete suite of template builders. The free tier allows for up to ten questions for each survey and 100 replies. Other free Zoho Survey features include website embeds, real-time response statistics, and support for 26 languages.

More sophisticated features are offered for a reasonable cost as well


Spam Filtering

Zoho Survey includes spam prevention that can either limit receivers to one answer or identify repeated submissions using cookie data. Password protection is also added to prevent survey results from being posted on social media. You may also establish unique URLs for each recipient to prevent duplicate submissions. These spam prevention measures ensure that your data is trustworthy while requiring minimal effort. Zoho Developers are always ready to help their clientele.

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