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If you are managing any small or medium-sized business, you must know that It is pretty challenging to look after the Sales Pipeline for different products, sales leads, and business data. To solve all these issues, SaaS providers have developed cloud-based CRM, but there is always a section of companies who don’t want to have a full-featured CRM and look for an affordable tool option that can just manage their Sales Pipeline easily & quickly. And for this, Zoho CRM has rolled out Bigin- a Small Business-Centric Application.

Meet Bigin by Zoho CRM

It is a pipeline-centric CRM for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses that need to optimize their sales by letting them ditch those cumbersome technology required to automate their Sales Pipeline. Since the learning curve to use Zoho Bigin is very minimal, it becomes easy for SMBs to operate it on the cloud and get started with it for free. You can easily upgrade to a subscription package later according to your business needs. It helps small businesses to put out the customer data in one place and make pipeline management a cakewalk. Plus, you can choose from real estate, software consulting, legal, insurance, etc. templates for sales management easily.

Here are some features of Zoho Bigin

Crm masters Bigin

The Benefits of Bigin for SMBs

  1. Economical

While enterprise-level businesses have the investment and resources to continue the business even after losing their revenue, SMBs need to reconfigure the sales pipeline which costs them revenue. Keeping this in mind, Micro and Small Sized Businesses can try the core features of Bigin for free. The free plan includes 500 Records, 1 Sales Pipeline, 3 Sales Workflow, Customer Calls, Zapier Integration, Zoho forms, and Android and iOS application. Express and Premium plans provide other add-ons to upscale your business like file storage, additional records, and one-time data backup.

  1. Easy to Use

You do not need to train your sales team as it has a similar intuitive interface to that of a spreadsheet. Your team can easily catch up with it without any impact(due to the new tool setup). You can either choose a pipeline template that matches your business or can cater to it according to your business needs.

  1. Application Functionality Packages

Without any complicated workflows or modules, it has all the features that you need to manage the sales. It has built-in emails, social media intelligence, voice calling, survey forms, data compliance, and audit tools. This tool processes all the data on the cloud and becomes easily available to download in report forms.


By now you must have found that Zoho Bigin despite its simple interface, is capable of multiple sales management for different services. It is a complete package for small businesses with all the features we have seen above. If you are a small business owner and wish to deploy it, then feel free to contact us at CRM Masters.