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Zoho PageSense

ZOHO PageSense is a personalization and conversion optimization CRO platform that aims at increasing revenue by boosting conversions on the website. It helps organizations to track the entire visitor journey over a website and strategize their business accordingly to facilitate maximum conversions. Evidently, the platform allows you to:

  • Understand the behavior of your website visitors
  • Keeps a check on the number of visitors on your website
  • Ensure a completely personalized website experience to your visitors

Let’s delve deeper and find out more about this utilitarian app from ZOHO.

Why ZOHO PageSense?

While you can find many apps serving similar tasks, ZOHO PageSense is a preferable one as it lets you to perform customizable and exclusively targeted spit URL and A/B tests. These tests help the app to find out website variations and compare the scope of conversions in each case. Moreover, you will get reports on every aspect of your visitor’s interaction with your website.

If you still want more, perhaps personalization of visitor experience alongside the unique visual experience it creates and delivers for your focused audience would be good enough to convince you and your teammates to go for it.

Adding sense to your business

ZOHO PageSense is a CRO software with features like heatmaps, funnel analysis and A/B testing. It helps a business make decisions related to boosting conversions and various other website changes. You can execute several tasks through ZOHO PageSense to help you boost conversions:

  1. Tracking Metrics

Every website has a part that shows a significant drop-off. ZOHO PageSense builds a conversion funnel to check on the portion of the website that shows a drop-off. It helps in tracking the main website metrics by studying the website’s performance over time and going through various segments to measure the important stats of the website.

  1. Visitor Behavior

Tracking visitor behavior is indispensable to increase the conversion rate. You must know your visitor’s journey on your website. ZOHO helps to analyze the behavior of your website visitors. It helps you to dig out insightful data about varied aspects like:

  • What do your website visitors like about your website?
  • Which location of our website do they prefer scrolling the most?
  • What are they clicking on?
  • How often do your visitors try to contact you after visiting your website

In addition, you can also check the visitor interactions on various forms available on your website.

  1. Optimizing Website Conversions

One of the best things that ZOHO allows is to run an A/B test. It enables you to:

  • Create an alternate version of your original website
  • Note the difference between the conversion rate of the original and the alternate website, and
  • Work on the outcomes to resonate with your audience.
  1. User Experience

ZOHO PageSense can help your users to avail a personalized experience. It efficiently does this by checking on the interests and demographics of the visitors who visit your website. Through ZOHO, you will be able to give your customer the best website experience, and this is no hidden fact.

  1. Feedback

Abiding by the customer feedback holds the key to boost conversion. You will never know where your website is lacking if you do not get genuine feedback from your customers. ZOHO PageSense gathers responses by conducting polls for customers to know about the customer’s opinions on your business.


Boosting the attributes of a website can help appreciably in increasing the conversion rate and driving more traffic to your website. This will in turn benefit your business with increased sales. Hence, a rise in conversion is directly proportional to the growth of your business.

ZOHO PageSense is one of the recent ways of boosting conversions for a website. This incredible app enables you to track the journey of the online visitors to your website, which ultimately leads to boost conversion. To get detailed information about ZOHO PageSense or to seek prompt assistance in accelerating conversions through it, you can always contact us at CRM-Masters.