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Salesforce Real Estate CRM

For quite a long time, the Real Estate vertical has been conquered by individuals who have been using the same tried and tested technology. They had thought that why should one change the procedures if with these the industry continues to flourish. But after COVID-19, the thriving real estate industry became more competitive and tougher. And that is when the new millennium brought many technological innovations. And one such tool is CRM.
Now, more than 87% of top-earning real estate agents use a CRM to manage their deals, listings, and customers. Though there are many CRMs present in the market, Salesforce CRM with its powerful automation leads the pack. This blog will briefly discuss how the real estate industry can benefit from Salesforce CRM.

Before moving with Salesforce CRM learn some benefits and why you should switch to CRM if you are a Real Estate Company.

Salesforce Real Estate CRMSalesforce CRM is one of the most efficient and comprehensive tools that identify the challenges faced by the B2B or B2C company. It integrates sales and marketing data from multiple sources and channels in a centralized database with minimal duplication. Its cloud-based services offer solutions for both, residential and commercial properties. And that is why it is a fitting solution for many of them.

Here are some key benefits you can enjoy with Salesforce CRM:

1. Marketing Automation

A Real Estate business involves organizing the same data for every new prospect and performing similar repetitive tasks for every new client/property. But with the Salesforce CRM, you don’t have to manually do all of it. It automates all your processes like inputting new information into the database, calculating the real estate broker’s commissions, and delegating different tasks to the team. It also immediately directs the leads to market funnels for future analysis.

2. Effective Lead Management

Email networking skills are of the utmost importance when selling Real Estate. By analyzing the various factors like location, age, and the number of points of contact you can easily see the patterns your clients are following. This help in offering the right service at the right time.

3. Secure Communication

A common contact database enables brokers to manage all communications from one place such as phone, email, and chats. With Salesforce you can securely share, store and sign the documents. This feature helps in closing the deals remotely with privacy.

4. Centralised  Information

Information about the location, pricing, and customer request will impact your sales strategy, and thus Salesforce extracts the customers’ information that serves as a hotspot of centralized data.

5. Predictive Analysis

Salesforce lets the real estate team combine market data with social signals about which property will hit the market. The growth of sales and generation of reports can be analyzed using in-depth analysis.

Additional features of Salesforce CRM are:

Salesforce Real Estate CRM


We CRM Masters are certified Salesforce partners and thereby hold deep expertise in Salesforce. Solutions tailored by our experts for your property will surely leverage the power of Salesforce for you. Let us know if we can help you if you are also someone in the Real Estate Industry.