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Customer service is one of the major factors that determine the growth and success of any company. In today’s fast-paced environment, every customer wants their queries/issues to be resolved immediately. This desire for immediate resolution puts a lot of pressure to interact with customers on the support team for any company. The customer support team must be highly active in all the channels like call support, email support, and chat support.

Mostly, it is witnessed that a lot of time of the support team goes into solving the same queries of different customers again and again. So, to increase the productivity of the customer support team an efficient solution is needed that can save this time of resolving the same queries repeatedly.

Knowledge Base to the Rescue 

The knowledge base can be considered as a proactive form of customer service. As the name suggests, it is a kind of knowledge dump that has information pertaining to your product or service. So, whenever a customer is looking for the solution to any common query/issue, the customer can be directed to the respective article in the knowledge base that addresses the issue/query. So, instead of the customer support team addressing the common questions repeatedly for different customers, the company’s knowledge base can be equipped with relevant information that can help the customers resolve their query/issue on their own. This will save the time and effort of the customer support team and the customer. Moreover, the customers will be more than happy to resolve the common issues by themselves without getting into the process of calling the support team or raising the ticket for the issue.

Maintaining the quality of Knowledge Base

Since the knowledge base will serve as a part of your customer support experience, it becomes crucial to maintain the quality of the knowledge base so that the customers don’t end up roaming around in the knowledge base and not getting any answers. So, now we will be discussing how to maintain the quality of knowledge base to ensure impeccable customer service through it.

–   Structure of Knowledge Base

The articles in the knowledge base must be well structured with categories and tags. The content in the knowledge base must be organized in relevant categories to ensure that your customers don’t find it difficult and confusing to browse through the company’s knowledge base. Moreover, using relevant tags with the knowledge base articles will help you to improve the search ability of the articles in the knowledge base.

–   Maintain Variety

The knowledge base must not be all about simple articles with too many words. Try to communicate the information in various ways like images, videos, infographics, etc. Moreover, depending on the product/service that you offer, including relevant FAQs, how-to videos/articles, process articles, troubleshooting articles, etc. will help you to maintain the quality of the company’s knowledge base. Also, this will help you to address a wider number of queries/issues of the customers and thereby reducing the burden on the customer support team.

–   Mobile-Friendly Approach

Since most of your customers will be browsing through the knowledge base on the mobile phones, it becomes imperative to optimize the knowledge base for mobile phones to ensure a seamless flow of information.

–   Validate and Update

It’s very important to validate all the efforts that you are making to maintain the quality of the knowledge base. Are your customers able to solve their issues/queries? Are they able to find out the right article? Are they satisfied with the type of content accessible to them? These are some of the questions that you should be asking yourself repeatedly. To validate this, you can add one-question surveys after every article to find out the effectiveness of the article. Make sure to keep these surveys as simple as possible. Just a “Yes/No” question will work. For e.g. You can ask your customers if the article was helpful, and they can simply answer “yes” or “no” using the thumbs up or thumbs down option given with the question. Moreover, provide the contact information at the end of every article for the customers to reach out to you for any additional feedback or question. Also, you must make sure that you are updating the knowledge base regularly based on the development of your product/service.

Add-on for Internal Information Flow

An effective knowledge base will not only act as a form of customer support but will also act as a medium for the continuous flow of information for internal purposes. An updated knowledge base will keep your team updated about all the information and updates pertaining to your product and services.

The feature of the knowledge base in ZOHO is leveraged by so many companies to improve their customer support and the internal flow of communication. Being a ZOHO Premium Partner, we at CRM Masters can help you build your CRM from scratch. Feel free to get in touch with us for any CRM-related queries.