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Salesforce and Pardot are clear experts in their fields when it comes to sales CRM and marketing automation. It’s no wonder, then, that Salesforce Pardot Cloud incorporation is game-changing for sales and marketing. In this article, we’ll share our Salesforce Partner experience to help you get the best out of your Pardot and Salesforce promotions. We know you’ll see the benefit of Salesforce Pardot integration if your marketing and sales departments consider any of the issues mentioned below.

Challenge- First, there’s the issue of overlapping messages.

Your publicity and sales departments have the same goal in mind: to get new buyers to sign on the dotted line. They can, though, walk on each other’s toes if they don’t have good coordination. For eg, the marketing staff might send an email to a hot sales lead to divert their attention away from the sales post. This misalignment can cause confusion between sales and marketing, resulting in a reduction in contact. To do away with this, Salesforce Pardot incorporation is the right choice.

Solution- Suppression lists are the solution.

By linking Pardot and Salesforce campaigns you give more control to the Sales team. In Salesforce, the sales staff just has to build a suppression list of hot leads. The list would then discourage marketers from inadvertently emailing those leads. In this manner, the sales staff will choose which content is distributed to the leads they are most familiar with.

Challenge- Defining eligible leads is the second challenge.

A qualified marketing lead differs from a qualified sales lead. This can give the impression that marketing is sending “poor leads” to sales. If only there was a way to come up with a universally accepted concept of lead consistency. Yes, you guessed it: Salesforce Pardot integrators allow you to do just that. Solution- Rating the consistency of lead as a remedy You will build standardized “scoring” for leads if you bind Pardot campaigns to Salesforce campaigns. This is a marketing and sales-shared concept of lead consistency. To begin, you must build profiles based on factors that determine various lead grades. An A+ lead will check all of the boxes, while an F will check zero — and there are several grades in between. These profiles are changed in all platforms as soon as anything happens, due to Salesforce Pardot cloud.

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