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Cloud Telephony Works

‘The Cloud’ refers to servers that one can access from anywhere using the Internet and offer computer services like storage, data analytics, and communication using the Internet. You only pay for the services that you use, lowering the operating costs. Telephony, on the other hand, refers to both internal and external communication using telephones and phone systems.

Cloud telephony is a virtual phone system that works through your Internet connection. This solution uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to transmit calls via the Internet. Cloud telephony has no physical presence and exists virtually through a host of communication applications and storage on a cloud. Since it is not attached to one specific location, it can be accessed from anywhere on any device. This enables you to expand beyond your immediate geographic boundaries and enter new markets cost-effectively.

Cloud telephony
Cloud telephony

Since Cloud Telephony uses VoIP, it works with the help of a VoIP service provider. So, when we dial the phone number we want to call, the service provider handles the routing. The data packets are converted from analog voice signals and then transmitted over the Internet. That’s how it connects your phone to the person whom you are calling to.

VoIP Service

Cloud telephony has a plethora of benefits to offer for your business including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Cost Efficiency& Easy Access: Cuts down costs on traditional hardware resulting in lesser maintenance costs. The cloud telephony system can be accessed anytime from anywhere on portable devices making it easier for businesses to answer all the calls even from a remote location. Therefore, it provides all the flexibility that is needed for today’s increasingly mobile workforce.
  • Integrated Business Communication System: Daily workflows get easily integrated with cloud telephony solutions.
  • Enhanced Features: Cloud telephony provides several tools that help agents to collaborate efficiently. You can integrate it with any CRM as well.
  • Secure & Customizable: Due to the reliable nature of cloud telephony, disaster recovery is a lot easier. Customizations can be made as per the request and tracked with a dedicated support team.
Cloud telephony benefits
Cloud telephony benefits
  • Easy Campaign Management: Features like bulk SMS and virtual number helps to map all the leads at one number.
  • Business Scalability: Adding more channels in the cloud telephony system is an effortless process. With a single request, businesses can get their telephony system scaled within a few hours.
  • Agent Performance Analysis: Businesses can easily manage calls and agents with a comprehensive real-time monitoring dashboard. Metrics such as active, on-hold, and unanswered calls provide in-depth insight into an agent’s performance.
  • Manages all business communication: You can record all the incoming and outgoing calls with the call recording feature.

Further benefits of a cloud-based phone solution include the ability to use one system across multiple locations, and the ability to continue working should anything unexpected happen to your office building such as a loss of power, fire, or flood.

With cloud telephony, businesses can make and receive calls simultaneously, route calls to different locations, access international voice coverage, expand globally from any location, and enjoy advanced communication features like international call forwarding, routing, and so on. A cloud-based phone solution can also extend your office phone system capabilities to devices such as your smartphone ensuring that your customers can reach you and you never miss an opportunity. A cloud-based telephone system can be a source of generating massive revenue for your business while improving its efficiency at the same time.

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