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  • June 17, 2022
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Zoho ShowTime is a Cloud-Based Presentation Delivery platform that enables companies and individuals to create beautiful presentations. It is used to run training businesses and deliver virtual classrooms and on-demand training. It is an interactive platform meaning users can follow and engage live by responding to or commenting after analyzing the presentation.

How does it Work?

Zoho ShowTime Presentation app lets the presenter take control of the presentation, and the ShowTime Viewer application enables the viewer to connect and interact with you.

Now let’s see how you can present using Zoho ShowTime:

  1. Login to ShowTime and select your presentation.
  2. After picking up the presentation, invite your audience to connect to your talk using the Audience Key.
  3. You can now deliver your talk either by a laptop or a phone and can even switch between them.

Yes, that was easy. You can even add plugins for PowerPoint. This can help you to deliver offline at the same time you are connecting with your audience.

Features of Zoho ShowTime

It includes a host of features like:

1. Standardized Training

Its main goal is to be a complete training platform. It has an easy-to-use interface, so you can get live by clicking only a few buttons. It allows you to get everyone on board, giving the same attention to your entire audience.

2. Interactive Training Environment

The audience can browse through the slides and leave questions for the presenter. It also provides the whiteboard features and the ability to share other material. To spark the conversation, you can add polls and quizzes to the mid of the presentation. Additionally, you can easily collect revenues for your webinars by integrating payment gateways.

3. Analytics and Feedback

The presenter can quickly analyze their reports, like with which slide the audience got maximum engaged. It will help you to refine your training or webinars even more.

4. Reach out to Anyone, Anywhere!

You don’t have to travel the globe to connect with your trainees. With ShowTime, you can include anyone you need to be in through audio and video conferencing. This rules out high costs and last-minute meeting arrangements.

Some other key features of  Zoho ShowTime are:

Zoho ShowTime Crm masters llp


CRM Masters is a Zoho Premium Partner with years of experience and dedicated developers. If training and presenting are part of your organization and you wish to deploy them, then feel free to Contact us.