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Revamping Coin Portfolio

IT Case Study: Hattons of London is a trusted and respected specialist in rare and exclusive coins.


Hattons of London is a trusted and respected specialist in rare and exclusive coins. The company works with an objective of helping the clients build and expand their coin portfolios, as well as providing them with the knowledge they require to grow their collections and develop the theme or direction of their choice.

Client: Hattons of London

Services:  ZOHO services

Industry: specialist in rare and exclusive coins

Via:  ZOHO Customization


How about when you get to stay or work in the room that offers a wide panoramic view?

Businesses and homes nowadays have a lot of glass. Homes are very innovative today. Smart home concepts have become a normal part of the current society and we will see that much more.

The way in which light transmits through a glass in a building is so stunning that it has evolved into a powerful tool for an architect. No other material can replicate the aesthetic quality of a glass. It kicks in as a new opportunity for designers and architects to outline the designs creatively. It forms an essential part of the building designs driving the designers to use it widely.

It’s great to look through your walls and see the beauty of the outside world, but that goes both ways. Everyone can look inside your home, more or less eliminating any privacy. Of course, you can dress the glass but this can quickly become pricey. The company wanted that whoever is interested to purchase the products from its website, there should be a system that automatically records the details of the prospective buyers who visits the website, assists them in the process of purchasing, answer their queries and complete the transaction with very little human intervention.


This is what happened with the Zoho CRM integration into the existing system.

❏ Once the client shows interest in purchasing any product, that information gets captured in CRM.
❏ The CRM then creates this as a lead.
❏ As soon as this happens, the company gets to know that a particular person is interested in a particular product.
❏ The system then automatically shares the quote to the prospective client.
❏ If the client agrees on the quote, they approve the purchase through the zoho sign.
❏ Zoho customizes the invoice and helps deliver the purchase order.
❏ Automatically capture payment through Stripe Payment Gateway Integration where the user gets a payment link to pay.
❏ All of this is done automatically without any manual interruption

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