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Case Study on Renewable Energy Sources with Zoho Ecosystem

About Case Study

Executive Summary

The company is focused on providing solutions for clients who want to transition to using renewable energy and energy storage in their homes or facilities. Working with myriad clients made them feel the need for CRM integration to better manage the different stages of their business. We at CRM Masters implemented Zoho CRM, Zoho Ecosystem, Zoho Sales IQ, Zoho Forms, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Campaigns, and Zoho Desk to ensure complete automation while eradicating all the challenges they were facing.


Before implementing the above-mentioned Zoho Ecosystem, they used to manage all of their business processes through Bitrix24 only. But those were too tedious and expensive with it that they required a more comprehensive solution. Zoho Applications didn’t only provide them with the solutions to their specific needs and priorities but also improved their outreach and revenues.

The Business

As a full-service company, they assist clients in making the transition to clean, renewable energy sources. Their team of experts offers a range of solutions including solar panel installation, LED lighting, EV charging, and energy storage systems. 

Besides finding renewable energy solutions tailored to their client’s specific needs and budgets, they also help them reduce their dependency on fossil fuels, lower their carbon footprint, and save money on their energy expenses.

GREEN INTEGRATIONS - Renewable Energy Sources

The Challenges

The client’s challenges can be categorized into three parts:

1. Lead Management

This challenge revolved around the inaccurate tracking and management of the leads with Bitrix24. Without the proper organization and management, leads were easily getting lost or forgotten, resulting in missed opportunities and lower conversion rates. It was also posing difficulty to get a complete picture of the sales process and the performance of the sales team. 

2. Email Campaigning

We all know that Email campaigning can be an effective way to reach and engage a large audience, but with Bitrix24 they were facing challenges such as designing effective emails, segmenting and targeting email lists, and ensuring deliverability.

Therefore, they could not accurately measure and track its performance.

3. Analyze Social Media Reports

Analyzing social media reports can be helpful for companies as it can help them stay up-to-date on industry trends and see how they compare to their competitors. But with Bitrix24 the company faced several potential challenges from gathering data from multiple social media platforms to visualizing and presenting data, and from automating report generation to integrating data with other systems.

Implementation & Results

To resolve the challenges faced by the company, we implemented Zoho CRM, Zoho Sales IQ, Zoho Forms, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Campaigns, and Zoho Desk for them to automate and optimize various business processes, which are listed below:

  1. As a result of the implementation of Zoho CRM, many lead management problems were solved since they could now organize, track, and follow up on leads (that they received from their website) to convert them into customers. Using Zoho CRM effectively to manage leads led to increased conversions and sales for the company.
  1. Zoho Campaigns improved the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and enabled them to track how their advertising campaigns were performing by allowing them to communicate with their customers using email.
  1. The company was able to generate social media analytics reports using a wide array of Zoho Analytics tools and features, including data connectors for multiple social media platforms (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and more), customized dashboards, and automated report generation tools. Overall it proved to be an effective and efficient tool to analyze their data.
  1. It goes without saying that if your customers feel heard, they will bring you more sales. Thus, the integration of Zoho Desk streamlined all the aspects of the support ticketing system process and made it a more pleasant experience for managers, and customers.
  1. Additionally, the following processes were carried out for the business: 
  • Several customized Zoho Forms were integrated into the website, 
  • Gmail was integrated with Zoho Mail so that all processes could be handled without switching platforms, and 
  • Chatbots were created and deployed using Zoho Sales IQ on the website.

Given the client’s requirements, significant changes were made, and desired results were seen.

Implementation & Results of Renewable Energy Sources
Zoho Ecosystem

Automate your Business with Zoho Ecosystem

The Zoho Ecosystem is a collection of business applications that can help you automate and streamline various aspects of your business operations. These applications cover many business functions, including customer relationship management (CRM), project management, invoicing, finance, marketing, and more. Using the Zoho ecosystem, you can manage your business more efficiently and effectively, increasing productivity and profitability. 

You can also integrate the Zoho applications with other tools and platforms you use in your business, such as your website, email, or social media. This gives you a complete and cohesive view of your business data and processes.

About CRM Masters

At CRM Masters- A premium Zoho Partner, we offer comprehensive Zoho services. We intend our clients to be loved by their customers, so we ensure that we work closely with the client’s requirements to pitch Zoho’s services accordingly. Good contact management ensures that your firm enjoys a smooth implementation process.


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