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Case Study- Integrating Zoho Creator with Zoho CRM for Exteriors Service Provider

Crm masters ZOHO Creator

About the Case study

The company was founded in 1997 and is constantly evolving with the trends in the market. In order to remain a competitive business in the market, one has to continuously enhance the business management processes. Zoho Creator was the first choice for them as it helps in fine-tuning all the processes while preventing higher costs, lower revenues, and less satisfied customers. We, at CRM Masters, customized and implemented the Zoho Creator with Zoho CRM for them, ensuring that it streamlines their sales and customer journeys.


Before the integration, they managed their business with Zoho CRM, but the Zoho Creator became a straightforward and affordable data collection option. As it is a low-code platform it allowed us to create and manage a broad range of business for them. We customized and integrated the Zoho Creator app for them after spending some time researching their database and other needs.

The Business

With 25 years of growth, innovation, expertise, and creativity, its mission is to continuously innovate and introduce new landscaping masonry and alternative masonry products that offer prestige and performance. They offer durable and high-quality products inspired by nature, art, and the world.

Crm masters ZOHO Creator

The Challenges

The company faced its biggest constraint when it all came to reaching more folks. They were looking for far more than a CRM. Zoho creator features a unified database for its custom applications. The users can look up and edit the details easily. It integrates with a number of other applications like Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Reports, and so on. As they were already using Zoho CRM so it did not take them long to integrate it.

Implementation and Results

They wanted to provide the distributors and clients with rewards to show their value and care towards them. So, they thought of integrating Zoho Creator to meet these needs, catered according to them.
To describe their management, we have divided this into two parts:

  1. Escalate their Market Value
    All of the data (including the customer) was already well managed in the Zoho CRM, so it didn’t have that problem when migrating and integrating. An ‘Upload Invoice’ option was added for the distributors and the clients, where either of them can upload their invoice after signing in. The invoice was then assessed by them and was converted into a Report. Based on that report, each was given a few reward points. After accumulating these points, they can easily claim them to earn their Rewards. With the help of Zoho Creator, they reached new heights.

    2. Develop a Customisable Option
    Zoho Creator requires almost no analytical work to develop an application, so they found it highly customizable, and at the same time, it is a kind of canned tool that is ready to go out of the box.

There is no denying that Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator work best for businesses due to their easy-to-use interface and cost-effectiveness compared to the other CRMs and tools present in the market. After having the client’s requirements with us, the whole implementation process took us nearly 2 years, but it was all worth it when the desired results were seen. The seamless integration among the Website, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Creator helped our client uncover new business possibilities.

Crm masters ZOHO Creator
Crm masters ZOHO Creator1

Automate your Business with Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator

With the advancing technology, every business needs hassle-free development. Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform to solve your unique business needs. It offers mobile applications compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Its workflow automation and process automation enhance the efficiency of your application. Satisfying the needs of their clients and offering them high-end products is a priority for every business, and with Zoho Creator, you can take your first step towards it.
Look what businesses have to talk about Zoho Creator.

“I needed more apps without an a-la-carte cost across multiple applications and companies. I wanted to have it all in-house, in one location, with a set fee. I chose Zoho Creator.”
Hunter Carter  CEO, Auction Caddy

About CRM Masters

CRM Masters provides cutting-edge professional services and always works hard to resolve issues as quickly as possible. In nutshell, we intend that our customers are loved by their customers.
Our experts study the business needs of your organization to identify the most suitable CRM product for your business which can be implemented with minimum customization. In case, you have been losing sales and revenues due to a non-responsive CRM system that fails to add value after the employees leave the premises, we will get that taken care of by customizing the CRM. Also, CRM Masters as a Zoho Premium Partner helps you build your CRM from scratch.


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