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CRM Masters
CRM Masters- Case Study Hattons of London

Case Study on E-Commerce Brand

CRM Masters- Case Study Hattons of London

About the Case study

Hattons of London, UK is an e-Commerce company trading in rare and exclusive coins, including world’s first and exclusive releases. The company started in 2017. The company’s founder was looking for a scalable and flexible solution that can be easily integrated with an e-Commerce platform i.e., Woo Commerce using REST APIs. After doing a round of discussions and evaluating other CRM, Zoho One was selected for the obvious reason that it provides 360-degree business process management. Being a Zoho Premium Partner, we have implemented and integrated Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory for 200+ Zoho One users.


The customer was looking for less complex CRM that is available 24*7 and can be accessed across all channels like desktop, mobile, I-pads, etc. Based on the customer’s need, we shortlisted Zoho One. Also, we evaluated time to implement, operational cost, maintenance cost, upgradation issues, lead time, flexibility, and customizability. In all parameters, Zoho comes as a winner in terms of value for money. As the company was very new, there were limitations in terms of resources, so additional features were also evaluated against requirements. With Zoho One, as Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory along with 48 other applications comes as one package, it was a clear winner.

The Business

It was a new startup with a team of 4-5 people with a clear vision and mission to create an impact in the rare coin industry. Founder, Simon Millenger has worked as VP in London Mint Company for a very long time. In less than a year, the company picked pace and grew to 50+ employees and then after the UK, the company expanded business in the USA. Hattons of London started a new company SterlingMint to trade in rare silver coins as the tribute to Corona Warriors and it was an instant hit. SterlingMint worked with NHS to recognize and reward corona warriors in the UK.

The Challenges

We have selected the right platform but still there were challenges to be addressed:

  • As the e-commerce platform was not integrated with Zoho, order processing was taking a long time and also was human error prone.
  • The customer service team was handling all customer requests on email.So, there was no tracking, and many unsatisfied customers were there because of missed tickets.
  • The customer call centre team was able to do fewer calls per day as VOIP was not integrated with Zoho.
  • Company’s accounting was on an on-premises system, making it difficult and inefficient when it comes to real-time reports and integration with e-commerce platforms.
  • Taxes calculation especially in the USA was difficult and inefficient due to manual calculations.
  • As item being sold on the website was of high value and sometimes sold on credit also, address validation was one of the challenges.


The customer was looking for CRM and CRM Masters have assisted the customer to evaluate CRMs with objective analysis of 4-5 CRMs available in the market. We have followed our tried and tested methodology shown below and rated each and every parameter on 1-10 scale.

After deciding Zoho One will be good for business, we decided the following to be addressed with the help of the Zoho platform.

  1. Decided to integrate e-Commerce platform with Zoho using Zoho robust APIs.
  2. Implemented Zoho Desk for the customer support team.
  3. Implemented Zoho people for the HR department.
  4. Implemented and integrated Zoho books and Zoho inventory for order processing.
  5. Integrated VOIP solution with Zoho CRM and that resulted in increased team efficiency.
  6. Integrated Avalara for USA business.
Hattons of London CRM MASTERS

Implementation and Results

With Zoho One, not only customers saved the huge licensing cost of acquiring other apps like QB for accounting, Oracle Peoplesoft for the HR department, a separate tool for inventory management andHubspot for marketing automation, the client saved a lot of cost as integration and maintenance cost too has come down drastically because Zoho One provides all integrated application.


I’ve been working with Vishal for a couple of years and he’s provided a great service to our business, helping us grow from start-up to the point where we are now expanding into different markets. His commitment in understanding our business has helped make that possible.

Simon Mellinger – Managing Director

About CRM Masters

CRM Masters provides cutting-edge professional services and always works hard to resolve issues as quickly as possible. In nutshell, we intend that our customers are loved by their customers.
Our experts study the business needs of your organization to identify the most suitable CRM product for your business which can be implemented with minimum customization. In case, you have been losing sales and revenues due to a non-responsive CRM system that fails to add value after the employees leave the premises, we will get that taken care of by customizing the CRM. Also, CRM Masters as a Zoho Premium Partner helps you build your CRM from scratch.


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