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CRM Masters Infotech Case Study

Case Study on Zoho SalesIQ for Web & Mobile Software Solution

CRM Masters Infotech LLP

About the Case study

Founded in 2017, the company provides a secure cloud-based web and mobile software solution that helps in client communication and collaboration. While working with multiple clients and firms worldwide, they required a chat widget for their website and mobile applications that makes it easy for them to reach their clients and provide them support in real-time.

We, at CRM Masters, helped them to optimize their business by adding chatbots to their website and applications with the help of Zoho SalesIQ.


Before the customization and addition of the chatbots, they used to connect with the client either over a phone call or email; they did not have any live chat tool to support the firms or clients. But with the help of Zoho SalesIQ, we were able to provide a digital customer engagement tool that helps their clients to initiate the conversation at their need of the hour.

The Business

This software solution has fantastic features like secure file sharing, unlimited storage, front desk onboarding, e-signature, built-in scanner, task tracking, and more, which empowers you to become a proactive and modern firm. It effortlessly replaces those vulnerable emails and paperwork with its encrypted platform.

CRM Masters Infotech Case Study

The Challenges

  1. Improve Customer Service Skills
    This was the primary concern for which they wanted the best solution. As discussed, they did not have any engagement tool, due to which they were only dependent upon emails and telephonic communication.

  2. Real-Time Analytics
    Before Zoho SalesIQ it was hard for them to keep the track of the progress made by the live chat agents. Making smart business decisions by analyzing top agents, active departments, and other key metrics was not possible for them.

Implementation and Results

We implemented Zoho Desk and  Zoho SalesIQ for them. Let’s discuss them in detail:

  1. With the application of chatbots to the system, they can now provide 24/7 customer support from their experts. With this customer support, they solved about 80% of the client’s queries by redirecting them to the closest helpful article on their website. This was made done with the help of Zoho Desk. Using the API Keywords, the related articles were searched on the Zoho Desk and were presented to the users.To further improve this service, 6 chatbots were installed, of which 3 were offline, and three were online. Clients could easily ask for a human expert to solve their queries for online customer support. But in the case of offline support, a ticket was raised against the query, and by the time they started working, the client’s queries were resolved by connecting with them.
  1. Zoho SalesIQ not only helped them by providing better customer support but also increased their productivity by focusing on the tasks rather than the distraction. It provided them with real stats that improved their sales processes and conversion rates.

Whatever your business might be,  Zoho SalesIQ can help grow it while fulfilling your customer engagement plans. After having the client’s requirements with us, the whole deployment process took around 5-6 months, but it was all worth it when the desired results were seen. We streamlined their client engagement with automation which helped them uncover new business possibilities.

CRM Masters Infotech Case Study

Get Started with Zoho SalesIQ

As a sales manager, it is always a matter of concern how you can improve your team’s performance. Zoho SalesIQ is a performance analytics software that helps you understand your competitors better, discover new markets for your product and services, and make intelligent decisions regarding the marketing budget and how to improve the conversion rates. It also helps you create more value by letting you know the customer’s insights.

About CRM Masters

At  CRM Masters, we offer comprehensive Zoho CRM services. Our cloud experts make sure that they work closely with the client’s requirements to pitch insurance services accordingly. Good contact management ensures that your firm enjoys a smooth implementation process. We intend that our clients are loved by their customers.

Feel free to contact our experts for further details.


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