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Case Study - Wine Brand
Shopify and Zoho Inventory Integration for a Service-Based Business

Dis&Dis Crm masters

About the Case Study

Dis&Dis is a wine company based in Romania. Specialising in Spanish Wines, Dis&Dis are on a mission to bring the essence of Spain to the people living in Romania. With an E-Commerce website in place, they were looking for a solution to automate and optimize their sales process. Also, they were looking for a solution that will help them to market their products to the people of Romania and thereby creating a memorable experience of buying and consuming wine. After evaluating their needs and the nature of their business, the experienced team of CRM Masters selected Zoho Marketing and Zoho Inventory for Dis&Dis with 5 user’s licenses. 


The customer was looking for an easy-to-use CRM solution to manage their sales and marketing under one umbrella. As a wine company, the biggest challenge was to track and monitor their inventory at certain levelsAlso, it was crucial to maintain the concrete processes and strategy for marketing their products across the audience. Moreover, as supply chain management can get tricky at times, there was a need to prevent leakages at various levels.

The Business

The company (Dis&Dis) has a very passionate mindset towards their business. The company believes the fact that wine is more than just a drink. The company’s mission is to provide a fascinating and memorable experience to all wine lovers and thereby making an inclusive community for all wine lovers. Moreover, as the company specializes in Spanish Wines, its goal is to bring the culture of Spain to the people of Romania through a bottle of wine. Along with the passion for the business, the company’s wines meet the highest quality standards for wines out there.

Dis&Dis Crm masters

The Challenges

As every business comes with a certain set of challenges, Dis&Dis were also facing the below-mentioned challenges:

  •  Inventory Management: Maintaining and keeping a track of the inventory always becomes a challenge when the company is operating on a high level. Moreover, manual intervention is always prone to errors and thereby disturbing the complete supply chain.
  • Tracking: Since the company was also supplying through e-commerce, tracking of the fulfilled orders was becoming a challenge. As the business was growing, the tracking of stock transfer between warehouses was also becoming increasingly difficult.
  • Engaging with the Audience: The process of engaging with the prospective and existing customers needed to be streamlined in order to sell more products.
  • Campaigning: Impeccable and consistent execution of marketing campaigns was needed to ensure that the right eyeballs were captured at the right time.
  • Discounts and Push Notifications: It was a challenge to keep a track of the behaviour of the customer visiting the E-Commerce website and pushing the right discounts and notifications to them. 


In order to get over the challenges faced, Zoho Inventory and Zoho Marketing were introduced to the Dis&Dis. The implementation was started from scratch as previously they were not using any CRM.

  • Stock management was done effectively including the stock transfer between warehouses.
  • Started giving a serial number to every bottle so that the bottles which are near to expiry are sold first.
  • Started tracking user behaviour by tracking their activities on the website.
  • Audience targeting was done based on various parameters.
  • Attractive discounts were given to the audience.
Dis&Dis Crm Masters

Implementation and Results

It took 8-9 months for the successful implementation of Zoho Inventory and Zoho Marketing. Moreover, continuous support has been given from the time when implementation started.

  • Zoho Inventory:
    It is quite evident in the industry that in supply chain management, there is a high probability of leakage. Also, as the company grows, it becomes inevitable for the company to focus on controlling the leakage at various levels of the supply chain. Dis&Dis effectively leveraged the features of Zoho Inventory and as a result, after the successful implementation, the leakage was reduced by 85-90 percent.
  • Zoho Marketing:
    As the company was marketing the products through various channels, there was a need to centralize the marketing processes in order to derive proper insights and results from the campaigns that were up and running across various channels. So, with the help of Zoho Marketing, Dis&Dis is now managing the marketing campaigns seamlessly and now the audience behaviour across various channels is also studied deeply. This advancement resulted in the increase of customer base by 4x.

About CRM Masters

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