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Zoho Cliq or Slack

Communication is the foundation of an organization. It becomes easier for everyone to achieve their goals if there is effective communication between team members. With the advent of COVID-19, a lot of things changed especially the way we work. Remote work/ Hybrid work has emerged as one of the most chosen practices among all. And day by day it is becoming more complex and demanding because it is difficult to engage the employees in an organization. Although there are many team communication tools present in the market only a few are considered big players among which are Slack and Zoho Cliq.

This blog will discuss the key features of both and how you can choose the one for your organization.

Understanding Zoho Cliq and Slack

Slack and Zoho Cliq are two of the most popular online communication platforms for teams. The tools help you communicate with colleagues easily through a variety of methods, including chat, audio, and video calls, file sharing, etc. With the following table of features, you will get a pretty clear understanding of both of these and thereby can select the right tool for you.

Feature Zoho Cliq Slack Verdict
Pricing Single Paid Plan that starts at around $1.5 per user per month. Two Paid Plans with pricing of $6 and $12 per user per month. As we can see the price of Zoho Cliq is comparatively lower than Slack, so if one chooses not to spend extra money whilst getting all the features then Zoho Cliq should be the pick!
Audio Calls With its built-in feature you can get easily audio calls to any team member without any time constraints. Additionally, you can have a private chat with the user simultaneously. It also offers you to audio call with any user(while having direct messaging with him/her) without any time restriction. If you have a decent Internet connection then you can choose any of the two as they both provide an audio calling option through their built-in feature.
Video Calls You can make video calls for free. A feature called Prime Time lets you video chat with all the team members. In its free version, you are not allowed to group video calls with the team members, yet it allows you to make calls with specific team members. Although both offer video calling options if you are looking for group video calling for free, then you can go for Zoho Cliq.
File sharing and storage With 100 GB of the limit provided in its free version, you can share and store various files like images, documents, audios, etc. with the team members. Similar to Zoho Cliq you can upload and share various files here too but Its free version is only limited to 5GB. In terms of file sharing both are equal to each other. But in terms of file storage, Zoho Cliq wins over Slack.


Direct Messages With the Direct Message feature, you can select a contact and go for one on one chat. You can easily select a contact and chat privately with him/her just like Zoho Cliq. You can select either of the two for sending and receiving messages.
Group Chats You can create public and private channels to invite up to 100 users for a group chat. Along the same lines, you can create different channels and add up to 1000 users. Though both of the services provide group chat options Slack wins over Cliq in the terms of the number of users.
Message History You can always have access to unlimited message history which means no matter when you had a conversation you can always find those messages. Unlike Zoho Cliq, you can only access 10,000 messages in its free version. Zoho Cliq is a clear winner here.
Third-Party Integrations You can integrate many applications like Tenor, Google Drive, Eventbrite, Zendesk, etc. Cliq offers seamless integration with Zoho Mail & Zoho CRM. Slack also supports tons of third-party apps including MailChimp, Asana, Twitter, Skype, and more Slack conquers here as it supports more applications than Zoho Cliq.


By taking into account these features, you can now easily choose the right tool for your organization. For unlimited messages, unlimited search history, unlimited team members, etc., you can start using Zoho Cliq right away. When it comes to integrating dozens of third-party apps with your team communication account, Slack works best.

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