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CRM Masters
After redBus began using Salesforce with innovative web and mobile app-based platform, the company has over 40 million customers globally. Post-Salesforce implementation, redBus has become the world’s largest online bus ticketing platform where customers have used to book more than 180 million bus trips.   

Before Salesforce

  Prior to the Salesforce deployment, redBus used a local system to manage the customer base. As the company grew, the customer support system failed to meet the need. They needed a better way to inform their customers about service interruptions. This was largely impacting the image of the company.   One other drawback of this CRM was that developing was placed entirely on the shoulders of the internal IT team.   

The Salesforce Solution

  Now redBus was able to integrate email, voice, and chat channels into a single customer service platform. This then began to be used by customer success teams. Salesforce largely deals with customer management, so its application served customers with better attention and quick response. The support team was able to talk to the bus operators to understand the issues and update the customers timely. Since then there has been about a 70% rise in case resolution time and a 13 % point rise in the company’s customer satisfaction score (CSAT). Such is the power of technology.