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Crm Masters Legal Operations ZOHO CRM

The lifeblood of any law firm is its client base. And to automate the interactions, client law firms are always looking for ways to remain competitive and efficient. If you are not managing the operations effectively, you can quickly lose prospects, waste time and resources, and experience low client retention. It streamlines the operations and financial reporting to make informed business decisions. Fortunately, much of this work can be simplified with the help of the best CRM for law firms. And one such CRM is Zoho CRM. But before moving ahead, let us first understand what Law Firm CRM is and what advantages it provides?

A law from CRM software offers a systematic approach to help you maintain and strengthen client relations. You can get some benefits from a law firm’s CRM software.

1. Well-Organized Calendar

The software allows scheduling and tracking the court dates, meetings, and deadlines. Also, you can trace your deadlines, set reminders, and track your alerts.

2. Data Security Management

The software helps manage auto backup, secure login, user authentication, and data encryption.

3. Automation

One of the most significant advantages of configuring a law CRM is that it makes your life a bit easier by automating your workflow of utmost importance.

4. Clear Communication

The law firm’s CRM allows clear communication with individuals and corporate clients. Interactions become simpler via the centralized database of client information.

5. Marketing

ZOHO CRM offers a one-stop solution to centralize your marketing strategies for generating new clients and retaining the existing ones. They also ensure a consolidating bond between customers and organizations.

Now let’s get started with Zoho CRM.

CRM has been in customer relationship management systems since 2005, so the company has plenty of experience in the industry. Though it isn’t designed specifically for law firms, the program’s tools are applicable for tracking leads and managing the current client. The software is an excellent choice for every firm size.

Here are some features of  Zoho CRM:

Crm Masters Legal Operations ZOHO CRM

1. Pricing

Zoho Apps offers a free plan that is good for up to three users. You get the basic functionalities and become a good choice for small firms, just starting with CRM. The paid options are also affordable and start a  $20 per month for each user and $168 per year when billed annually. Zoho is less expensive than other CRMs present in the market.

2. Ease of Use

The interface is user-friendly, and one can quickly get its functioning after a few use only. You don’t need an IT degree to monitor and customize it. You can also get trained by the experts who have implemented the CRM for you.
It gives you real-time access to monitor the sales cycle, deal size, contact history,  competitor profile, and much more to target the right customers.

3. Product Integration

Zoho CRM  Application integrates with numerous external tools. It offers up to 55 third-party integrations for scheduling, meeting, messaging, document management, social media, and lead management products. You can integrate with Google Drive, Google Ads, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Adobe Sign, MailChimp, and REST services.

4. Automation

Zoho Application has robust features that make it an industry leader and one of the companies that offer the best CRM Law Firms. It allows for automation in leads, deals, and contact management. It lets you customize your sales processes so that everyone in your form is on the same page. It also has a robust analytics program and can also automate your workflow.

5. Security

It uses Advanced Encryption Standards to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data. It is featured with 256 protocols to assure data security. The software allows you to restrict IP addresses, limiting access to only approved addresses. With this, even cyber criminals can’t access your data.


If your law firm is also looking for a CRM which is easy to navigate and can provide robust features, then you can go for Zoho CRM.
CRM Masters is a Premium Partner with certified Zoho experts who can help you learn more about it. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries related to it.