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The Power of ZOHO ONE

The Power of ZOHO ONE
Zoho One is the Most Valuable Tool for Small Businesses! For a monthly fee of $45 per employee, Zoho One provides a unified technology platform that is customizable, extendable, and integrated (billed annually). Zoho is a software suite that includes more than 45 apps. It doesn’t matter if your company uses 5 or 35 applications; the cost is the same. Your company chooses which applications to use and who has access to them! You may add and remove items as you see fit. Here are the 7 Ways Zoho One Helps Businesses Grow: 1. Start with a solid foundation. 2. Increase your sales by selling through different channels. 3. Make sure leads are moving through your pipeline. 4. Finance and CRM work well together. 5. Save time by automating common chores. 6. Unified business intelligence (UBI) is a game-changer. 7. For a growing company, scalability is essential.
I- Start with a solid foundation.
Managing a company is a difficult endeavor! The key to small company success is to build a solid foundation that can withstand the ups and downs in an effective, cost-efficient, and simple manner. Zoho One consolidates your business’s disparate cloud apps, traditional technologies, and paper-based procedures into a single operating system. “A suite like Zoho One typically costs hundreds of dollars and even then customers have to do software rationing. With Zoho One, not only are we doing away with the problem of disparate software but also making enterprise applications available to small businesses at consumer prices,” said Sridhar Vembu, founder of Zoho.
II- Sell more, and sell through a variety of ways.
Zoho One provides you all the tools you need to sell across channels and close transactions more quickly. For speedier development, structure and automate your sales process. Quotes, sales orders, and invoices may all be created using Zoho One. Your company can stay connected and be more productive with Zoho One. Effortlessly sell across all channels: CRM | Mobile | Social | Telephony | Email | Chat | Online Meetings | Team Collaboration and Communications | CRM | Mobile | Social | Telephony | Email | Chat | Online Meetings
III- Move prospects through your sales funnel.
Zoho One solves the problem of lead nurturing and conversion, allowing your sales staff to focus on more profitable possibilities. The sales features in Zoho One allow you to acquire leads from many sources and store them in one unified CRM system. CRM tools may score leads and prospects so you may focus your efforts where they are most required. CRM software includes capabilities to assist you to qualify prospects, improve response, and follow up more quickly. Conversations are tracked in Zoho One at every stage of the sales process. Won deals may be maintained by the back-office with Zoho Invoice and Books. Your business may even take payments online thanks to Zoho One’s integrated payment gateways. “We experienced a lot of growth at the beginning of 2019 when we increased our use of Zoho One, and we’re on target to turn over $20 million this year [2020].” — Pedley’s Solar owner Aaron Ware
IV- The integration of finance and customer relationship management (CRM) is ideal.
There are several excellent accounting and CRM apps available. Zoho One is a unique mixture of financial and customer relationship management software.
  • Creating quotations, invoicing, and monitoring receivables
  • Keeping track of your payables, vendors, and staff costs
  • Organizing transactions, keeping track of cash movement, and keeping an eye on your finances
  • Customer subscriptions, recurring bills, and other tasks
  • CRM integration is available.
These are all included in Zoho One Finance.
V- To save time, automate mundane chores.
Big businesses aren’t the only ones that benefit from automation. Unfortunately, many small firms are at a disadvantage due to a lack of technology that allows them to automate repetitive tasks. Even a small firm may benefit from Zoho One’s enterprise-level features. Performance, productivity, growth, and profitability will all benefit from business process automation. What tiny firm doesn’t require such a service? The more constrained your company’s resources are, the more you’ll need to use Zoho One’s automation tools. Zoho has embedded automation features into the Zoho One platform’s apps.
VI- Unified business intelligence is a game-changer.
For analysis, having all of your company apps on the Zoho One platform is advantageous. Furthermore, Zoho features enterprise-level Business Intelligence, which is something that small firms seldom have access to. Zoho Analytics powers Zoho One’s business intelligence capabilities. For smarter judgments, analytics gives the correct data at the right moment. Better decision-making at all levels of your company will alter it in ways that nothing else can.
VII- For a growing company, scalability is essential.
Businesses that wish to prepare for expansion should select platforms that can accommodate such expansion. Changing apps will disrupt the business if this is not done. Such a disruption is time-consuming, costly, and detrimental to a company’s bottom line. You’re ready for the future with Zoho One! Zoho One is adaptable, scalable, and customizable. Hardware is never an issue with Zoho because all applications are hosted on highly secure cloud servers that meet the highest standards for performance and security. Many on-premise IT expenditures, hardware expenditures, and other expenses are eliminated with Zoho One. Zoho analytics is an online reporting service that creates and shares powerful reports in minutes.