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Quickly Integrate Zoho Forms with CRM Custom Module

Integrate Zoho Forms with CRM Custom Module
Customers are very important to business; no company wants to lose any customer who comes to their station. For this, companies of each size are infusing a lot of time & money to nourish their potential clients and cater to their needs with the help of an effective CRM. There is one such CRM that is leading the world of business and is renowned as the ZOHO CRM & with the help of a good Zoho Consulting Partner you can take best use of your CRM Let’s take a short tour of ZOHO FORM with the ZOHO CRM Custom module. What are Zoho Forms? Zoho form is a tool by which you can easily build an online form for all your business needs. Just create and customize the shape , add the specified fields and send it to your customers thus facilitating data collection. It allows you to catch the form submissions in Zoho CRM and pre-populate certain data such as name, email, address etc. from the CRM in your form. It is a form builder solution where you’ll also create custom data reports, configure email notifications, assign tasks and approvals to your team-mates, and personalize your customer follow-up process. Sounds Easy? You may also take help of Professional Zoho Partner who can design the ecosystem for you.   Let’s take an example:- Kimoro, a footwear brand has set up an exhibition and wishes to add the interested customer as a Lead in Zoho CRM. To do so, Manager creates a form in ZOHO Form and integrates it with ZOHO CRM. By this any interested customer who submits the form, it will automatically get captured as a lead in ZOHO CRM account. Utilizing ZOHO Form, you can create an online form for all your business requirements. So make & modify, add the necessary field and send it to your clients for further assortments. What are the benefits of integrating it?
  • Pre-populating information from ZOHO CRM to your form thus will remove your overburden.
  • Record information from normal form entries to ZOHO CRM.
  • Information will keep in two-way form ZOHO CRM and ZOHO FORM hence no lapse of data.
  • Eliminate manual data entry, makes it easy for your customer also by pre-populating data entries.
FORM Submission TO ZOHO CRM:- Form Submission to ZOHO CRM can take place in three different ways: –
  • Update a new lead in Zoho CRM as new form submission is received.
  • Add additional information to existing records in modules such as leads, Data, contacts, etc.
  • Use form entries to update existing information in your ZOHO CRM records.
Conclusion:- Hence, we can use all the information collected via ZOHO Forms ranging from Inventory Management, managing Vendors Details , Processing, to Retailing. It also helps the organisation to maintain the complete record of all the Employees right from Recruitment to Selection, Training, Induction and Final Placement. Hence providing everything under one roof. Thus, the Forms integrate the information with ZOHO CRM which enables business convenience as well as automation of entire data into business systems. Book your complimentary call with a Zoho Premium Partner Today