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How Zoho People can help to digitize your HR department?

how zoho people can help to digitize your hr department

1. Onboarding:
Zoho Onboarding is a process of orienting new employees with the culture and practices of the organization. A good onboarding process leads to better employee job performance and organizational commitment. Using pre-designed flows for both candidate and employee, you can facilitate the entire onboarding process smoothly, in Zoho People. The onboarding module in Zoho People features two types of onboarding: candidate and employee. These user-friendly modules come with pre-designed tabs that can be customized as well. The onboarding module will considerably reduce the work of the HR department.
2. Leave Management
Managing leave is a crucial part of HR routine and also time consuming. Zoho People’s Leave is a simple and user-friendly online leave management module that helps you to record, manage and keep track of your employees’ leave details effectively with minimised time theft. Some of its features consists of Multiple custom leave types Compensatory off logging, Location based holidays , Leave based on units – Hours and Days, Leave types for each role/location and employee etc.
3. Payroll Integration
You can seamlessly integrate your Zoho Payroll organisation with Zoho People. This integration helps you push Loss of Pay (LOP) and Employee details from Zoho People to Zoho Payroll and process your monthly pay runs accordingly. The integration consists of 3 steps: Organisation Sync, Employee Sync and LOP Sync. There are lot of benefits of this integration like
• Users and employee profiles will be fetched automatically from Zoho People.
• Terminated employees will also be synced. You can make their final settlement using Zoho Payroll.
• Work location details will be fetched automatically from Zoho People.
• Push LOP details to Zoho Payroll and calculate payroll accordingly.
4. Timesheet
Handling multiple clients, projects, deadlines, resources, and billing statements are overwhelming. Managing them on spreadsheets or complex data systems can make it even more complicated. Online employee timesheet management can simplify your time tracking process, eliminate errors, and save time and resources. With an online time tracking solution, time cards become a thing of the past. Zoho People’s time tracker allows your employees to log daily, weekly, or monthly work hours. Maintaining timesheets is easier as it links the time tracker and attendance modules. The scheduler module reminds employees to send in their time logs and documents them automatically at set intervals.
5. Attendance:
A powerful attendance management system is vital to any organization looking to scale. Zoho People provides you an accurate and user-friendly attendance management system that helps track your employees’ time and attendance, in an efficient way. Some of its amazing features are:
• Web check-in and check-out
• Geo-tracking of employee attendance
• Customizable attendance settings to comply with policies
• Capturing over time
• Schedulers to push attendance entries marked during weekends and holidays
• Integration with Time Tracker
• Attendance regularisation
• Approvals for edits made in attendance entries
• Extensive reports like Early bird reports
• Integration with attendance devices like RFID, Biometric devices etc
• Shift mapping
6. Appraisal:
Zoho People provides evaluation modules like KRA, goals, 360-degree feedback, self-appraisal and multi-rater feedback to help evaluate employees better. There are various modules in this like self appraisal, salary hike etc to help provide better appraisal process.
7. Exit Management:
Exit Management usually includes a lot of activities like submission of resignation, triggering tasks through the entire exit process etc. It also involves issuing of standard letters like Experience Letter to the employees who resign the organization. Using Zoho People, you can automate the entire exit process.