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How to Customize & Set Up your Deal Pipelines in Zoho CRM?

How to Customize & Set Up your Deal Pipelines in Zoho CRM?
Do you know that ZOHO CRM has multiple pipeline attributes that permit your company to easily process its financial parts? Many of you may be thinking, can you amend the stage based on your sales process? Okay, let’s simplify the term more. The sales pipeline is a visual demonstration of your sales process which shows where your prospects are in the buying process. How many open deals do you have based on the deal stage? If your business has multiple sources of revenue, it can be tough to keep all revenue separate to get a detailed financial report. And that’s how multiple pipelines take place. So, a systematic method through which a sales prospect goes, from beginning to an end, from a simple lead to becoming a customer, this sales pipeline helps you to determine where your gain is.\ Dashboard
Sales pipeline for deals-
We understand that every business (small or large) has a unique sales process. In any sales process, a deal has to pass through many stages until it is closed or lost, thus sales teams need to keep a close look at the deal pipeline to make sure that deals are not left stagnant at one stage unnecessarily. Our deal module contains different stages including deal won, lost, negotiation, qualified, etc. These stages are available in the stage field, you can add as per your requirement in it. Few benefits of sorting the sales cycle: –
  • Monitoring a particular deal like- How long it has been stuck and what actions need to be taken?
  • Take necessary actions based on deal status whether to give a red flag or a green one.
  • Visualize and track the progress of each deal and make financial or business plans accordingly.
How to create Sales Pipeline:-
  • You need to Go to set up >Customization > Pipelines.
  • Click the New Pipeline.
  • Enter a specified Name and select the associate Layout with.
  • Add the Stage to the pipeline.
  • Select the Set as Default checkbox if you want this pipeline to be the default while creating a deal and Click Save.
Modifying the stage in Sales Pipeline –
If you want to modify any stage while working on a deal pipeline, the stages you will remove will not go away, it will still be present there in the stage builder. To modify the stages-
  • Select the layout from the dropdown list.
  • Drag and drop the value to record the stage.
  • Click the close icon for a stage to remove it from the pipeline.
  • Click the Add Stage link in the pipeline if you want to edit.
  • Click save.
Benefits of Sales Pipeline –
  • It gives you better insight of the sales process.
  • In a short time you reach the conclusion about whether to lose or win.
  • Efficient Sales Strategy – It enables the organisation to build efficient strategies to boost their sales.
  • A better understanding of each sales lead in a row.
Now you must have acquired a good comprehension of the sales pipeline and its stages so imagine, managing the same task without any centralized process is way more difficult than to say. But you can do it all with ZOHO CRM from defining the stages to tracking the headway in the sales process.
Hence, it is quite worthy to use the Sales Pipeline tool in ZOHO CRM and define your sales by keeping a concrete track of all your sales from raw lead to maturity with efficiency. Contact the best Zoho Creator Developer for the best result!