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Are you confused between Zoho and Zoho One?

Are you confused between Zoho & Zoho One

ZOHO Corporation launched its most innovative product in 2017 – ZOHO One – at a very affordable per-user price, an all-in-one suite of business applications. ZOHO is known for its ready-made tech applications and has been catering to corporations successfully over the past few years and is increasing their productivity in delivering results. As ZOHO CRM Comes with different packages it becomes difficult for the individual and in fact organisations to identify which package will suit and caters their business requirements.

Your Zoho Consulting partner can definitely guide you after understanding all the required business processes helping you to achieve all the business automations in a budget friendly manner. 

Here is a quick comparison which can help individuals to ease out the confusion between different Zoho Programs . 

ZOHO CRM is a perfect application which has the power to effectively manage the critical customer relationships.It helps to streamline all business related processes in an organization and thus helping the organization to grow and succeed seamlessly . ZOHO CRM comes with stupendous features with the capabilities of lead management ,contact and account management , sales force automation , omnichannel interaction with the clients , team management, analytics and forecast .

ZOHO CRM itself comes with different editions which can be billed either monthly or annually  –


Professional ,



 ZOHO CRM Plus comes with a unified customer experience platform . It comes with 9 application of ZOHO which covers sales , marketing and support providing a better customer experience.

When coming to pricing for ZOHO CRM Plus comes with one edition only and can be billed monthly or annually

ZOHO One is a complete ecosystem with 40 +set of applications that work collaboratively to run the entire business with a centralized administrative panel . ZOHO One suite helps your every aspect of your business covering sales , marketing ,finance ,HR, support , productivity or other business processes thus maximizing the success of the organization .

Sales Force Automation
Process Management
Product Customization
Access to API and Control
Performance Management
Developer tool
Security Administration
Mobile Access
Omnichannel Engagement
Inter-team Communication
Marketing automation
Ticket Management
Visitor Tracking
Project Management
Online Survey Integration
Advanced Reporting
Prediction and artificial Intelligence
Human resource Management
Automated hiring platform
Low Code Application Development Platform
Advanced Reporting

Are you confused between Zoho and Zoho One?


With the above mammoth parameters of comparison , one can unanimously say that ZOHO ONE has  supreme values which can help organisations to grow seamlessly and at an incredibly faster pace .Mathematically this can be easily explained by Venn Diagram :

 ZOHO CRM is subset of ZOHO CRM Plus  and ZOHO CRM Plus is a subset OF ZOHO ONE .

But ZOHO CRM ,undoubtedly still remain the fundamental application of the ZOHO suite.