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5 Problems that ZOHO Can Solve For Your Business

5 Problems that ZOHO Can Solve For Your Business
If you are busy with one client and can not attend another client or you don’t have enough staff to address customers when needed, you’ll be losing out on satisfying customers. New research suggests that as high as 82% of customers will never get back to you following an unsatisfying customer experience. It just doesn’t end here. Unhappy customers are more likely to tell others about it — 95% of consumers who have had negative customer experiences have told others about it, compared to the 46% who have shared positive experiences. Did you know that to solve this problem, a large percentage of companies are using ZOHO for their Sales and marketing and increasing their sales by 44%? ZOHO largely deals with customer management, so its application purpose is to serve customers with better attention and quick response. So what makes it so reliable? Here’s an extensive list of problems that ZOHO can solve for your business.

Understanding Consumer Behaviour Analysis

Did you know that your business can derive extraordinary benefits from consumer behavior analysis? If you can track the online activities done by your prospects, you would know your next move. This way you get to retain more people. With ZOHO, you can keep track of your customer’s journey consolidated in one place. Be smart and sell better with ZOHO

Improving Customer Service

When technology can do things for you, why waste time doing it manually. Trying to manually identify customers and reviewing the context of previous interactions is a sheer waste of time. ZOHO makes it super easy to resolve a high volume of customer issues that come across a variety of channels. You are now a well-informed sales representative. Doesn’t it make life easier?

ZOHO streamlines Customer’s Grievance Redressal

Zoho Desk makes handling customer complaints easy. Complaint management software helps you receive, respond to, and resolve … This process requires a streamlined approach and constant monitoring to ensure faster resolutions. If the customer contacts your business with a problem, ZOHO Desk makes it easy to handle complaints. It makes it possible to provide direct support to an almost unlimited number of clients. ZOHO Desk functions much like call centers, except that help desks can also be used to resolve IT-related problems within your organization.

Measuring the Business Impact

How can you make it better than what you can’t measure? ZOHO’s dashboard and reporting tools have tools to measure and analyze your business. ZOHO gives you data to make informed choices. If you are a representative of a sales team, you would know when to follow up and what to offer. From a manager’s point of view, you know where to get involved to drive your numbers. If managing ZOHO poses a problem, you can always rely on ZOHO CRM Consulting Partners.

Improves Collaboration Between Teams

ZOHO aligns with different teams of your company. In simple words, a company is a team. The problem arises when teams begin to function independently and not collaboratively. This is a source of all miscommunications. Such errors can cost you heavily in your pockets. ZOHO aligns with different departments in a company. It improves collaboration. Sales and marketing insights will help one another grow as a team eventually benefiting the company.

Access Data At Any Time and From Anywhere

With ZOHO, you can take your operations to any part of the globe. All of it is possible because it is located in the cloud. Thus, companies require lesser resources in the office to manage their operations. Isn’t it great that your employees can manage your CRM from anywhere and still be equally productive? Ah! That’s what the right technology can do for you. Some businesses prefer outsourcing the task to ZOHO Consulting Partners. They adeptly customize, integrate, and implement Zoho solutions for their clients. As well as train the client-side users to effectively use this boon.

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