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Do you have a platform that manages all your organization’s training courses, materials, and knowledge data?

It can be difficult to maintain all the data when you are running or managing a small to medium-sized business. Zoho learns was introduced to collect all your data.

We will look at Zoho learn and how it is worth your time and money.

What is Zoho Learn?

Zoho learn is an all-in-one learning management platform that helps your team to gain and retain knowledge. With Zoho Learn, you can create manuals, quizzes, collaboration spaces, courses, articles, and reports for training your employees or others.

Business owners use Zoho Learn software to organize important information and break it into user-friendly guides and manuals.

In Zoho Learn, training and modules can be assigned to different workspaces within the company to keep everyone on track and up-to-date on best practices.

Zoho Learn Features

Powered by Android and iOS, Zoho learn offers a wide range of features that ensure exceptional learning experiences for you and your learners.

Following are some highlights of the features it offers:

  • The software comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor to upload videos, images, and other lesson resources to create multimedia courses.

Zoho Learn multimedia courses

  • With an easy-to-use course builder and assessment tool, you can build different lesson types, quizzes, and assignments to test your learners’ knowledge

Zoho Learn course builder and assessment tool

  • Using its different performance indicators, you can also get detailed reports on learners’ progress.

Zoho Learn performance indicators

  • In addition to offering an adaptive authoring feature based on your users’ needs, it also provides a collaborative publishing feature for you to deliver distinctive learning experiences for your students.

Zoho Learn publishing feature

How Zoho Learn LMS Provides a Better Solution for Your Organization’s Training Course?

Zoho Learn is an LMS (Learning management system) that provides all the benefits to build training courses for your business audience.

Let’s explore some of the features of Zoho learn which help you to build the courses, increase your learner’s engagement and maintain a robust community of knowledge sharing.


Users of Zoho can establish collaborative workspaces for sharing knowledge. You have access to everything they need to succeed when they join a workspace, whether it’s an E-Learning course or an educational article. Depending on their position within the firm, users can be a part of multiple workspaces, which keeps everyone organized.


The Zoho Learn templates help to reduce the workload for users. You can save simple article formats or regularly used pieces of content that can be used as templates and reused as needed. With the help of Zoho template substitutes, you may avoid starting from scratch.

Collaborative Editing

Collaborative Editing is another feature that Zoho learn provides to every user. When you create an article, authors can add co-contributors to edit and add information in real time.

Version Tracking

You can use diverse versions of articles and modules while using Zoho. With this technique, you can evaluate the effectiveness.
Users can experiment and fine-tune each prototype until they have a course that meets the industry’s standards for publication because every version of the course is saved throughout the creation process.

Articles and Chapters

Zoho learn helps you to divide topics into articles, then organize those articles into unified chapters and lessons. This is a simple way to keep everything consolidated and easy to manage.

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Zoho Learn Pricing and Plans

Zoho Learn is a good learning management system that offers various prices according to your company’s requirements.

Zoho Learn Pricing

1. Free Trial

The free trial is for those who want to test the sample. Zoho learn provides a 7-day free trial in which users can download the software and practice it. In 7 day free trial you can experience all the options the site offers, from course and quiz development to real-time creation and sharing.

2. Zoho For Free

You can download a free version of Zoho CRM software from the company’s website if you like. Zoho Free gives you 5 users, 3 workspaces, 5 manuals, 5 courses, and 1 GB of storage.

All the tools for creating quizzes and courses are available in the free version, along with one question bank with 20 questions. Zoho Free also provides the activity timeline and built-in universal search features.

3. Zoho Express

The slight expansion of Zoho Express offerings comes at a monthly fee of just $1 per user. It has 25 courses, 50 manuals, 10 workspaces, and a 30-day version history feature.

Additionally, Zoho Express grants access to more sophisticated quiz features like minimum pass marks and constrained retries. Basic course reports, a PDF export choice, and password-protected manual sharing are all included.

4. Zoho Professional

The professional level of Zoho Learn is the most expensive tier and costs just $3 per user each month. You can use the number of manuals, spaces, courses, and question banks with Zoho Professional. The storage space grows from 1 GB to 5 GB per user.

You may get more course reports, quizzes, and course descriptions through Zoho Professional. With Zoho Professional, you can create unlimited templates, save articles as drafts, add instructors and discussions to courses, and even have your custom domain.


Since Zoho Learn is an intuitive learning management system (LMS), we strongly suggest adopting it to your advantage. It offers reasonable costs for regular users starting at $1 and for professionals at $3. In the current market, Zoho LMS offers the best price.

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