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After getting a customer on board, the next big challenge is to keep them happy and satisfied in every possible way. Moreover, keeping a customer happy is not just a task for one day. It needs to be done every single day. Mostly, customer happiness is the responsibility of the support team and therefore it becomes imperative to improve the efficiency of the support team consistently.


ZOHO Desk is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses to deliver exceptional customer services and thereby increasing retention. In this blog post, we will be highlighting the main features of ZOHO Desk and how you can leverage them for your business.


How does it work?


Whenever a customer raises a request/issue pertaining to your product/service, a ticket is raised on ZOHO Desk. The purpose of this ticket is to track the status of the request/issue and take timely action on it. When a ticket is created, it can be picked up by any member of your customer support team. ZOHO Desk also has a feature where the tickets can be directly assigned to the customer support representative based on the customer they handle. 


After the ticket is assigned to the customer service representative, he/she can start working on it, and based on the status of the request/issue, they can mark the status of the ticket as In-progress, On-hold, resolved, etc. This helps the supervisors to keep a track of the status of the tickets so that timely actions can be taken.


When the ticket is resolved, the customer support representative can close the ticket and the same notification will be sent to the customer that the issue/query is resolved. Since ZOHO Desk can be integrated with your professional email id, you don’t have to use your mail id separately to communicate with the customer for that particular ticket. Also, when the ticket is resolved, you can take the feedback from the customers about the service offered to them.


Reporting and Analysis


To evaluate and analyze the performance of your customer support team, ZOHO Desk is equipped with various analytics that will help you evaluate the efficiency of your customer support team. Through ZOHO Desk, you can get team-wise/agent-wise data like the first response time, average resolution time, re-opened tickets, etc. All these analytics can be visible in a single dashboard on a department level, team level, and individual level as well. This data comes in handy at the time of weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews of the customer support team. 


We at CRM Masters have witnessed how companies of various industries have transformed their customer support efficiency with the help of ZOHO Desk. Their customer happiness increased quite evidently after implementing ZOHO Desk for their customer support team. Based on our experience working in various industries, we can help you to implement ZOHO Desk for your business with proper support after implementation also. We will make sure that the transition is smooth with no negative impact on your business.